Embracing Anger – The Path to True Peace and Authenticity

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Embracing Anger: The Path to True Peace and Authenticity


“ 💐People avoid their anger so they can see themselves as falsely peaceful personas. This validates their egos and does NOTHING for their spiritual development. Even when introduced to a reflection of their anger, they reject it as if it was not the truth within them. Allow your anger so you can finally release it! Allow what you feel before you reject it entirely! 


If you cannot allow an emotion to be so, you cannot access it to free it from your Being for all time! That’s what The Shankara Oracle does – helps you allow and release emotions and false personas – so you can be a real & healed, truly f*cking authentic human being! 💜” ~ Paul (Kalesh)


In a world that incessantly preaches the virtues of tranquility and harmony, the raw, primal emotion of anger is often relegated to the shadows, deemed an undesirable and disruptive force. We are constantly bombarded with messages encouraging us to suppress our anger, to maintain a placid facade that masks the turbulent emotions that churn beneath the surface. But this relentless pursuit of artificial peace comes at a steep price – the sacrifice of our authenticity and the stifling of our emotional growth.

The Misconception of Peace

The prevailing misconception of peace equates it with the complete absence of conflict, a serene state devoid of any emotional turbulence. However, this idealized vision of peace is not only unattainable but also detrimental to our well-being. True peace is not the eradication of all emotions but rather the ability to navigate them with wisdom and compassion.

The Mask of Serenity

In our desperate attempts to conform to societal expectations, we often resort to emotional repression, burying our anger deep within ourselves. We construct elaborate facades of serenity, convincing ourselves and others that we are paragons of emotional control. Yet, beneath this carefully crafted exterior, a storm rages, its energy building with each act of suppression.

The Shattered Persona

When confronted with a reflection of our own anger, whether through the actions of others or unexpected circumstances,our carefully constructed persona is shattered. This confrontation can be jarring, even terrifying, as it challenges our deeply ingrained beliefs about ourselves. We may feel ashamed, guilty, or even enraged at the audacity of this reflection,refusing to acknowledge it as our own.

The Denial of Anger

This denial is a formidable obstacle on the path to emotional liberation. By rejecting our anger, we deny ourselves the opportunity to understand its roots, its triggers, and its purpose. We become trapped in a cycle of repression and outburst,never fully experiencing the cathartic release that comes with embracing our anger.

Embracing the Messenger

Allowing ourselves to feel anger is not a surrender to chaos or a descent into madness. It is an act of radical self-acceptance, an acknowledgment that we are complex beings capable of experiencing a wide range of emotions. When we give ourselves permission to feel our anger fully, without judgment or shame, we create the space for healing and transformation.

Anger as Catalyst

Anger, when embraced and explored, can be a powerful catalyst for change. It can illuminate the areas of our lives that need attention, the relationships that need mending, and the injustices that need addressing. It can fuel our passion, ignite our creativity, and empower us to stand up for what we believe in.

The Shankara Oracle: A Tool for Transformation

The Shankara Oracle, a profound tool for self-discovery and emotional release, can be an invaluable ally on this journey of self-acceptance. By working with the Shankara Oracle, we can delve into the depths of our anger, uncovering its hidden messages and transforming it into a source of wisdom and strength.

The Illusion of Love

It is imperative to address the behavior of those who judge us for expressing our anger, particularly those who claim to love us. True love is unconditional, embracing us in our entirety, including our anger. When someone criticizes us for being angry, they are not acting out of love but rather out of a desire to control us. They seek to mold us into their idealized image, suppressing our true selves in the process.

Unconditional Love

Genuine love allows us to be fully human, with all the messiness and complexity that entails. It encourages us to express our emotions authentically, without fear of judgment or rejection. True love holds space for our anger, recognizing it as a valid part of our experience.

Responsible Expression

Embracing anger is not a license for aggression or violence. It is a conscious choice to engage with our emotions honestly and responsibly. It is a commitment to self-awareness, self-compassion, and personal growth.

The Visceral Nature of Anger

The visceral nature of anger often makes it an uncomfortable emotion to confront. It can manifest as a fiery rage, a simmering resentment, or a quiet discontent. Regardless of its form, anger carries a potent energy that demands to be acknowledged and understood.

The False Self

One of the most insidious effects of anger suppression is the creation of a false self, a carefully curated persona designed to please others and avoid conflict. We become experts at masking our true feelings, presenting a polished facade that conceals the turmoil within. This facade may earn us social approval and superficial validation, but it ultimately leaves us feeling empty and disconnected from our authentic selves.

The Journey to Liberation

The journey towards emotional liberation begins with the recognition that anger is not an enemy to be vanquished but a teacher to be embraced. It is a messenger from our deepest selves, alerting us to unmet needs, unresolved conflicts, and violated boundaries. When we learn to listen to the wisdom of our anger, we open ourselves to profound growth and healing.

Navigating the Complexities

The Shankara Oracle, with its intricate symbolism and intuitive guidance, can be a powerful tool for navigating the complexities of anger. It can help us to identify the root causes of our anger, to understand its triggers, and to develop healthy coping mechanisms. Through working with the Shankara Oracle, we can learn to channel our anger constructively, using its energy to fuel positive change in our lives and in the world.

Healthy Expression

It is essential to remember that the expression of anger does not give us license to harm others or to engage in destructive behavior. True emotional freedom involves finding healthy outlets for our anger, such as physical exercise, creative expression, or meaningful conversations with trusted friends and family members.



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