Black Sheep – Speak Up, Rise Up & Embrace Your Awesomeness

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Black Sheep – Speak Up, Rise Up & Embrace Your Awesomeness

Oh, black sheep of the kindred fold, Wanderer of paths untamed and bold, Seeker of truths, the dawn’s first light, Unveiling shadows, piercing the night.

In your eyes, a mirror to our pain, Reflections of wounds, a crimson stain, You shatter illusions, break the mold, And show us the brokenness untold.

Lost in the labyrinth of family ties, A hornet’s nest of intricate lies, Demanding conformity, a crushing weight, On souls that yearn to emancipate.

You challenge the dogma, the stifling creed, That binds us to patterns, a poisonous seed, You question the norms, the inherited flaws, And seek to heal the festering sores.

Your spirit untamed, a rebel’s heart, Yearning to break free, to play your part, In dismantling the walls, the suffocating cage, That keeps us imprisoned, a life-long stage.

You are the catalyst, the change we need, To shed the conditioning, to be freed, From the shackles of culture, religion’s grip, And the family’s hold, a treacherous ship.

In your quest for clarity, a beacon so bright, You guide us towards healing, towards the light, You show us the path, the way to mend, And break the cycle, to transcend.

So let us honor the black sheep’s plight, The bringers of dawn, the seekers of light, For in their rebellion, a truth unfolds, A chance for redemption, a story untold.

Awaken, Dear Friend! It’s Time

Black sheep, rise from slumber’s hold, Shake off the shackles, be bold and unfold. The whispers of doubt, let them fade and die, For within you lies a boundless sky.

No more conforming to molds confined, Break the bonds that have tangled your mind. Let your spirit soar, unyielding and free, A symphony of brilliance, for all to see.

The shadows that sought to dim your light, Shall wither away in your radiant sight. Unleash the power that lies deep within, A force of nature, where your true self begins.

No longer bound by relations’ chains, That sought to suppress and inflict their stains. Embrace your uniqueness, a tapestry rare, A masterpiece woven with love and care.

For you are not near nothing, dear soul, But a universe vast, a story to extol. Your magnitude knows no earthly bounds, And your excellence surpasses all earthly sounds.

So let your voice thunder, let it be heard, A clarion call, a defiant word. Break free from the limits that held you down, And rise like a phoenix, with a resplendent crown.

Embrace the dawn of your own creation, A symphony of liberation and elation. For you are the black sheep, the one who dares, To shatter the darkness and illuminate the squares.

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