How to Be Super Vulnerable so God Be Like, “WHUT! I Better Give You Some Love!”

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super vulnerable

When we’re super vulnerable for God, we have a measure of God-consciousness. A Shutterstock Licensed Image.

Let’s nail an important definition upfront. In this article, God does not refer to a separate force but to the pristine electricity that we all embody, that we all desire to return to and merge with. For today, God is the Universe, All-That-Is, Consciousness, and the Eternal Everything. Let’s dig in and get to know what this pervasive embodiment of light and love might want from us by being vulnerable for God in humble prayer and in those super-secret moments when all hell breaks loose.

It’s not always easy to connect with and honor our naked, vulnerable selves, but that’s where the gold is. When it comes to having our prayers answered, it’s also our most potent tool.

When we feel hurt, we might prefer to be indignant or victim-minded. Relishing our anger, we might speak from a mask rather than what is beneath it. Unable to get past our stories and become vulnerable, we stew, label, and blame. When God hears this victim-mindedness in our prayers, She hums a little song and says, “This person is loved, but she is not ready yet.”

I was in New Mexico’s Pecos wilderness doing a ritual about letting go. The more vulnerable I became, the more I was able to connect with the earth, the sky, and all of the animals nearest me. With each breath, I let go of stories and untruths. I went deeper within my vulnerable self. It felt like a partnership with the divine. The more vulnerable I became, the more I let go, the more I felt the presence of the eternal flame.

I am not suggesting that we’re not allowed to be needy or that we should never use the label ‘victim’. I am saying that if we want to experience transformation or divination, it requires that we let go of all stories, labels, masks, excuses, and blame.

Upon letting it all go, God rests her hands on our shoulders and lets us know that we share her spirit. It is in this space that we enlighten ourselves and our lives. Embodying the purest attributes, we become everything, including the Gods we seek.


If we choose to remain inside of our stories and if we project only neediness, God hovers about and does not intervene. Why? Because it was our choice to not become Her.

To improve the purity of our consciousness and divinity, we must become Vulnerable Superheroes, dropping attitudes, entitlements, and masks. Letting go of frozen labels, needs, and desires, we begin to melt into the eternal Self, and we get a taste of who we are. We must become vulnerable for God.

This is the Great Thaw.

When we’re angry or depressed, we fixate on our interpretations and projections. We defend our positions for hours, days, weeks, or lifetimes. The moment we stop defending and perseverating on our positions and circumstances, we realize we have been lying to ourselves and our identities begin to dissolve.

The more we melt, the sweeter we feel. It’s magic.

We realize the entire trip was a self-created nothing.

We are like dandelions blowing in the wind and God is the wind. The dandelion doesn’t make demands. He doesn’t beg for mercy or blames his neighbor. He doesn’t proclaim that he hates himself or that he’s fucked up.

The dandelion lets the winds of reality move through and around him so that they can remove what is not real. He bends with the winds, even blends with them. He is IN the moment with God and he IS the moment of God. There is no

This is why God and the dandelion get along so well. They know that they are one and the same.

Let’s walk deeper into ourselves without resistance or expectation. With open palms, let’s wave goodbye to our temporary illusions, personalities, and mind-bodies. We are electromagnetic pulses, vibrations, and light-beings. We are energy. Let’s embrace this idea.


What we imagine to be pain is an illusion.

Strip naked and feel the gentle caresses from the One that We All Are. I am not suggesting this is easy. I am aware that life is complex and full of diversions. I also know that diversions are only constructs. We create them, we grow them and we can let them go. They are like the whiskers on the dandelion. We can release them to the wind.

To be vulnerable to God, today we might say:

“Dear Universal Being, God Consciousness, Eternal Electromagnetic Energy That I Am, it is with a light and open heart that I seek the purest vulnerability today. It is with a light touch that I nudge my projections and fears to the fire. It is with pure intentions that I release the cloaks and contrivances that blind me. Today I am open to being with the Creator without label or pretense. Today I am the Creator. Today I am in a state of loving that equals the reality of love throughout all of space and time. Today, I am truly vulnerable and ask for your hand and heart in all that I do. With love, in love, and always, your servant.”

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