How To Create Miracles

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Miracles are for everyone. A Shutterstock Licensed Image.

Miracles are born from absolute congruence and surrender, but only when we are in our humblest and purest states of spirit.

Miracles cannot be born from ego or goals, as these trivial things are based in physical and three-dimensional realities, which are only tangential to the creation of conditions. Miracles are born in the spirit world, then handed over to our physical positions in spacetime, with our consent. From there, we must bring them to life and keep them alive.

If you’re hankerin’ for a hunk of miracle, you need not be an altar boy, Rabbi, Priest, healer, saint, Pope, Goddess, Avatar, or perfect person.

In fact, miracles tend to fall into the laps of the people who have no powers, titles, or privileges. This is because the beaten, poor, and lonely are well-practiced in humility and transparent, heart-felt requests to the Divine.

When thinking of your miracle, you might first consider why you have not received it already. Here are the top ten reasons why your miracle evades you:


  1. The miracles you seek might be the inverse reflections of the things that you refuse to acknowledge, heal, or address in your life.
  2. Even if for brief moments, you might not have learned how to love yourself.
  3. It’s your ego’s miracle, not your spirit’s.
  4. Your anger is in the way.
  5. The miracle you seek is in direct conflict with someone else’s pain or identity.
  6. You do not yet know how to acknowledge your feelings or process your emotions.
  7. Your miracle might be too complicated and intellectualized for it to emerge from spirit.
  8. Your pain is more valuable and nutritious to your soul than the miracle you requested.
  9. You may not have recognized a specific experience as the miracle you sought.
  10. Your karma ate your miracle.

When miracles evade us, we might be refusing to grow up.

When our love miracles don’t appear, it might be that we have yet to learn how to love ourselves. If we are seeking fame-n-fortune miracles, it might be that the natures of our souls require further pain to expand beyond their current, temporary self-identities. In this case, fame and fortune would not elevate or benefit our spirits in meaningful ways. These things would merely function as pieces of candy.

This alludes to the fact that sometimes we might have a miracle in mind, but as a result of our prayers, we’re given something completely different. We may have mastered articulating our miracle. We might even be embodying perfect humility, congruence, and surrender. But amid our devotion, the Divine hears something deeper and then administers what is necessary, and possibly more in line with our root needs and spirits.

It’s in these cases that we must trust our intentions and the precise, divine answers to our calls.

There have been millions of reported miracles throughout history. These include:

  • Apparitions
  • Physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual healings
  • Saviors
  • Bleeding icons and statues
  • Appearances and disappearances of people and objects
  • Magical shrouds and hats
  • Playful ghosts
  • Stigmata and physical abnormalities
  • Incorruptible saints and paupers
  • Astronomical and planetary manifestations
  • Births and deaths
  • Money
  • Love

While many of the more sensational miracles that emerged throughout time may have been driven by religious prophecy or wishful thinking, they are nonetheless miracles. Every time that your deepest desires and intentions appear in a physical form, it could be considered a miracle.

The most lovely miracles are born from broken hearts. These humble requests are not about promoting religion or gaining position; they are simple hopes that are stated clearly and without expectation. It’s not that expectation is not helpful; it’s just not a required ingredient when creating a miracle.

The broken heart is like a beacon to the Divine. She hears us. Immediately seeing our faces, She knows our pain and embraces us. It’s in this moment that the eternal and divine consciousness grants our wishes.

Do we have to be broken to gain access to the versatile fabric of the universe?

The reason that brokenness is helpful to us is that it puts us on our knees. In this position, we are vulnerable to love and attack. When we’re broken, we are driven by our attachments and assumptions. We’re pushed outside of our minds and into our hearts. Brokenness is how we see our true natures and experience our most enduring attributes. Without moments, weeks, years, or lifetimes of brokenness, we might never know the truth.

Are you feeling separate from the eternal fabric of reality? Are you living without knowledge of your sovereignty and might? Have you forgotten that you are made of stardust?

The reason that most of us become depressed and distracted from our truths is that we allow our egos and minds to drive the train. We’ve all heard this before, but let me take a bit further. The moment you feel low and then ponder that low position, you have already cemented it into reality. Because you allowed it, you now have to dig out of it. For most of us, there’s a way to stop the madness.

How can I move past the moment when a disconnected sadness covers my heart and eyes? How do I stop enabling this, and allowing it to take hold of my Being?

As you are falling into the dark cloud, realize that you created it and that you can un-create it. While it might not be easy, in the moment you feel a falling, reach above you and call for God’s help. Reach to the stars and beg for divine light. Realize that you are not the person falling; you are the stars and light you are beckoning.

We give our minds too much power, and like any entity in power, they take us on wild, sometimes horrible rides. It’s not that our minds are bad, it’s just that they don’t offer much value when it comes to improving our feelings and protecting our individualized divinity.

To find your miracle, soften your heart, release expectations, and feel gratitude. When you’re ready, look into the eyes of the Divine and speak to your soul.

The moment we feed the temporary self-identity that our mind’s depression creates, we have lost the battle. Once we get on the train of misery, it’s tough to truncate its trajectory. It’s like being locked in a ride at Disney, but not a good one.

Sometimes our miracle-request is simply this, “Universe, Goddess, Creation, Avatars of Light, please walk me out of the darkness so that I can feel the power, light, and love infused in my soul, blood and bones. Be with me so that I can put this old identity behind me, embody your love, and represent the eternal flame.”

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