How Your Intentions And Vibration Generate Far More Experiences Than Your Brain Or Will

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intention vs brain
Your vibration is a magnetic electromagnetic frequency. A Shutterstock Licensed Image.

We are all lucky to be alive during this time in the planet’s history. There are still abundances of healthy people, animals, trees, vegetation, water sources, minerals, healing herbs, and etheric Beings. There are also wondrous storms of divine magic. Many of us are protected from the ravages of war, and some people have evolved their souls to such degrees that they share light and love with others, without expectation of anything in return. All of these things are miracles. Each one of us is a miracle. You are a miracle. In this article, let’s have a look at intentions vs brain here.

When we’re born, we are thrust into the world as mostly unbound spirits. During the early days, we live from pure vibration and gut-impulse. We are needy, trusting sponges, ready for anything. Since our prior realities were comprised of energy and etheric connection, the density and slow pace of our newly minted lives confuse us.

As the months ensue, we yearn for the Mother, the eternal feminine vibration that has spoken to us for eons. Our first attempt at manifesting the Mother in our lives was through the women who gave birth to us. We continue to project the roles of Mother and Father on a variety of people and institutions throughout our lives. Until we internalize the eternal Mother and Father and own all of it, we tend to feel disappointed. 


As we meander through the world, we take on the projections of others and allow others to control and influence our intentions, thoughts, identities, and actions. Within our first few years of life, we memorize and adopt a variety of beliefs, ideologies, and constructs, most of which are based less on truth and more on the egos of others. We begin to become dependent on approval and herd-mentality. Instead of diving more deeply into our natures, we want to be and do what others have been and done. 

Our families want us to be something specific, our religions want us to adopt their doctrines, and we allow society to burden us with limited, predetermined titles that outline how to spend most of our time while living on the planet. By age 18, our original vibrations and gut-senses are covered in garbage. Our quest is to become free of all of it. This is why spirituality is so important.

What Exactly Is Vibration?

Our souls continually emit interconnected packets of energy, much like how packets of data are transmitted from computers to the internet. As we emit, so we attract. When our spirits begin to form intentions, they cannot be described in words. They have no barriers to entry into the vibrational fields of reality. This makes intention extremely powerful and potent. 

Meanwhile, our brains can create thoughts that carry equally substantial energy, which can also influence our realities. But the brain emits energy in disconnected, unsupported bursts. While the bursts might have a moment of successful penetration and participation in reality, they lack the potency of our intentions. If the energy burst is weak, it will die out before causing any material influence. If the brain burst is strong, it might penetrate or infect reality with a temporary construct, but it won’t have a lasting effect, unless it’s immediately and continuously repeated. When we allow our brains to rule our lives, we tend to deny our soul’s understandings and desires. This is when many of us become exhausted, numb, or sick. 

Sheer Will, Brain Trusts, and Vibrational Alignment

How did we come to birth on this planet, specifically during this era? What were the instigators? Was it the sheer wills of our souls, the collective brain trust of prior and parallel lives, or were we born into this timeframe because our pre-birth intentions and vibrations matched emerging Earthly trends?

While our wills and brain trusts carry a measure of influence, our vibrations and intentions will always rule our realities. Will is built upon the temporary ego and fortified by the elusive mind. Will and brain-trusts might help us move through spacetime and occasionally tip the scales, but they’re less penetrating and magnetic than vibrations and intentions. 


Because we are comprised of energy, our intentions and vibrations will always carry the day, especially when we’re living in the other realms and choosing to birth. Once we’re living in three-dimensional realities, we tend to trust our egos and wills, thereby denigrating our intentions and vibrations. When we allow this to happen, we tend to miss out on aspects that will provoke a quickened evolution. 

Our vibrating natures, eternal and magnetic, have more power than we realize. This is why meditation, forgiveness, and love are so important. These things are all born from spirit. They’re empowered by our souls’ eternal connections to the natures of the Universes. As we meditate, forgive, and love, we vibrate with the nature of the All-That-Is. 

Just How Powerful Are Our Intentions and Vibrations?

Given that we are all magnetic by nature and continually connected to the source, our intentions and vibrations are extremely powerful. When we move past or through our emotions, detach from our obsessive minds, and seek the highest power, we become the highest power. 

If we can meditate and pray early in the morning and before we go to bed, we can improve our abilities to honor our souls’ intentions and vibrations. Doing so, we become more attractive to everything. If we can also regularly think of God throughout our waking hours, we will improve our connection to our most effulgent truths. We might even remember all of them!

There is nothing material or dangerous that can stop us from seeking the depths of ourselves. While our temporary self-identities are adept at contriving fears and excuses, it’s vital to realize that our twisted daydreams and most toxic nightmares rarely come true. We are comprised of far more light than dark. Focus on the light, while allowing the darkness to inform you. This is the relationship that the Universe has had with itself for all time. You are light and love, always. 

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