The Healing Transformative Power of Natural Gemstones

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Gemstones are living Beings. A Shutterstock licensed image.

The Healing Transformative Power of Natural Gemstones

How often have you seen a beautiful gemstone and thought, “My gosh, I need to own this little creature?!” Natural gemstones not only add color to our lives, but these lovely bundles of electromagnetic frequencies also provide unique opportunities for our spiritual transformation.

To receive their benefits, all we need to do is place them near us. If you’re feeling adventurous, you might even talk with them. After all, they are ALIVE, just like you and me.

Natural gemstones are born from the magic of Mother Earth. They can bring us light, clarity, health, invigoration, transformation, and an abundance of good vibes. As they are our most ancient friends, they can guide us to move beyond our self-imposed limits, confusion, and darkness. 

These little power-pals love to nudge us into the light and improve our physical and environmental vibrations. The more our vibrations improve, the more our lives improve. It’s that simple.

Natural gemstones are Living Beings, born from light, vibration, energy, matter, and stardust. They are tools of the Gods. These natural elements are here to uplift our lives and support our desire to liberate.

Gemstones have been utilized for centuries for personal healing and empowerment.  Ever since the Ancient Sumerians documented the use of gemstones in medicine in 5500 BC, their popularity and value have dramatically increased.

Gemstones Are Conduits For Light, Sound, Energy, And Vibration

The twenty natural gemstones listed below are legendary. They help people heal their bodies, minds, and souls.  In many ways, natural gemstones are little friends who were created to help us throughout our journeys here on Earth.

The transformative power of these natural gemstones can harness energies that can bring balance, harmony, abundance, well-being, and much more. 

These natural gemstones are directly linked to the elements that make up our world. That’s why each gemstone’s metaphysical properties are already part of us.

Each stone is imbued with a unique set of attributes derived from Mother Earth’s vitality.  By wearing or carrying your favorite stones, you’ll illuminate your connection to nature throughout time.


Clear Quartz is a beautiful stone. It represents purity and our original states-of-Being upon our births.  These stones are known as “windows to the soul.” We do not have to interact with these little Beings, but just like water, Clear Quartz can cleanse us. It sees the cracks within our souls and invites vibration, light, and sound to heal them.

Clear Quartz is a revered mineral because of its metaphysical healing abilities. It has the power and ability to heal any dark aspects within us. Clear Quartz illuminates our core natures so that we can make the most empowering and healing choices in our lives.


Agate is a stone that inspires stability. When life spirals out of control, Agate brings helps us relax and grounds us.  It can help heal intense emotions and self-doubt and reinvigorate one’s Being. Agate performs this healing and transformation by enhancing our focus, confidence, and inner harmony. It opens different parts of the body along an energy path beginning with the Crown Chakra. In Sanskrit, the Crown Chakra is known as Sahasrara, the gateway to eternal knowledge and astral travel. It rests atop our heads.

The Blue Lace Agate is a unique variety of Agate that invites the healing energies of Angels and other Celestial Beings.

Botswana Agate is a stunning and shiny stone that stimulates our minds, making them more alert and detail-oriented.

Dendritic Agates look like paintings when fashioned into jewelry or other art projects because their shapes resemble natural landscapes. The energies of Dendritic Agate take us within ourselves, stimulating our ability to invite abundance & growth.  

Moss agates are also earthy crystals, known for being calming during times of anxiety and depression. They help establish harmony between our mental states, organs, and blood flow through their stabilizing properties.


Amethyst is the ultimate calming stone, offering complete relaxation. One can use Amethyst to help with stress, anxiety, depression, loneliness, and intuition. One can also use it to alleviate the triggers that cause anxiety. Similar to the herb Motherwort, Amethyst embraces the heart and nurtures the soul.

Many healers and psychics use Amethysts for their third-eye properties. They help the soul peek outward through the Ajna Chakra, found in the lower center of your forehead, almost between your eyes. If you practice meditation, you can open your third eye and ask your guides to answer any of your questions. This chakra is also wonderful for seeking healing, transformation, and self-realization.

Place your Amethyst on the nightstand next to your bed. She will hold your hand and nourish your heart as you sleep.


Aquamarine is a lovely, vibrant stone that helps to open, nourish, and heal the liver, throat, and stomach. It also has healing properties that can help people with eyesight issues, jaw tension, and dental pain. When our bodies are imbalanced in some way, Aquamarine can help.

Aquamarine’s calming quality will bring mental clarity when one feels stressed, anxious, or confused. Fear and anxiety often arise when we have yet to release prior events and stored emotions. Most anxiety stems from the mind, which can be quelled through Chinese Medicine, meditation, and lots of crying. If you’re processing your past and need a little help releasing some of the old fasciae, grab some Aquamarine and allow it to support your transformation.


Aventurine is wonderfully helpful for people who are on the verge of a major decision or moments away from beginning a new life. The healing properties held within this stone will nudge even the most hesitant person in the right direction. Aventurine gives us strength and helps us resolve our blocks when dealing with

Aventurine opens the heart, reduces fear, and helps us be more resolute. It might even clear pathways to hidden knowledge and secrets that we stored away long ago. If you’re wondering where you should go next, welcome Aventurine into your life.


Bloodstones have been used for centuries as royal adornments, upscale jewelry, and mystical talismans. Its bright green and rich red colors make it one of the most unusual stones on our lovely planet Earth.

However, it’s the living energetic properties of this glorious gem that yield its most uplifting and enduring power.  The word ‘blood’ originates from Old English, meaning “Life.” When we welcome this majestic stone into our lives, we are asking the Universe to give us more energy, Qi, momentum, and thrust.

If you’re feeling exhausted or if you’re recovering from an illness – or if you just need a little gemstone caffeine, add Bloodstone to your altar and allow the Universe to give you more life energy.


With rich green and aqua coloring, Chrysocolla works to remove our blocks so that we can experience magnificent flow in our lives. Rather than just endlessly thinking about the future, with Chrysocolla on our side, we have an enhanced ability to self-motivate, plan for action, and get the show on the road.

Allow Chrysocolla to inspire a grand vision for yourself, one that utilizes every gift, talent, and attributes that you possess. With every forward step we take, our visions and life paths will become more vibrant and clear.

Starting a new venture or relationship? Need some help figuring out your 5-year plan for life, love, and business? Chrysocolla is your new best friend.


Garnets are the wild hippies of the gemstone kingdom because they come in a variety of attitudes and colors: playful, serious, sparkly, subdued, rich reds, greens, oranges, pinkish oranges, creamy purplish reds, and a handful of lovely blues. Red Garnet is one of the most popular gemstones in the world.  Not all garnets are as abundant as the red ones. Some of them require very specific and tailored conditions to come to life.

Garnet is a powerful gemstone that promotes our physical and emotional well-being. It’s a nutritionist, physical trainer, coach, and therapist – ALL IN ONE.

Garnets can also help you find the love of your life and depend on your passion for living. These vibrant stones invite sensuality while also encouraging trustworthiness, power, and grace. Garnet invigorates communication between the blood, heart, and lungs.

If you’re looking to level up your life, body, heart, and mind, speak to the nearest Garnet stone and ask her if she wants to be your new roomie.


Rubies can come from Burmese, Mozambique, Sri Lanka, and Madagascar. They are rich in varieties of transparencies and multiple shades of pink and red. There’s a reason why Rubies are in such demand – THEY’RE BEAUTIFUL!

Ruby invites prosperity, passion, and strength. It’s the Viagra of the gemstone kingdom. Rubies amplify our energies and increase our vitality. Rubies also can inspire courage and confidence in life, love, and relating.

If you’re ever plagued by self-doubt, pick up a Ruby and ask him to nourish your vibrance, confidence, and strength. Ruby will surely embolden your life and help you thrive!


It’s easy to appreciate the wonders of the Emerald. With its rich and light greens, it appears to be a window to the soul of the Universe. Emerald are stones of boundaries and domestic bliss. They provide protective forces for your home and family.

Emeralds can help your love life, ignite the fire in an old relationship, and even light some sparks in your career. Emerald has powerful healing attributes, too. Using Emeralds, you can dissolve negative energy from your home, your mind, and your relationships. Doing so, you improve your vibration and allow positivity and good fortune to come to you.


According to ancient legend, the mighty and glorious Vikings had a secret weapon: they used Iolite to reduce glare during war and travel. This gave them an extra edge on sunny days and when evaluating the position of the Sun.

Iolite reduces blockages without us, helping us to see our inner Selves more closely and clearly. It’s a stone that can open our minds and give us a clear vision of the present moment.  Meanwhile, Ionlite can assist in achieving higher levels of awareness.

Rich in purples, blues, and grays, this helpful stone will surely come in handy the next time you are preparing for battle or your next lovely pursuit.


Malachite helps us calmly, confidently, and courageously face challenges. It also protects those who are weak, broken, or unusually vulnerable. Healers use Malachite to rejuvenate after healing sessions.  Malachite can be your best friend in times of stress, chaos, and trouble.

Malachite has the power to transform any situation into something more balanced or beautiful.

With its calming blue colors, Malachite removes negativity and enhances self-esteem.  Malachite reduces fear so that we can achieve that which we desire most. This lovely stone might also help us adapt to any circumstances and conditions that may emerge. In many ways, Malachite is a Buddha of the gemstone world.


Infused with all the colors found throughout the gem world, Opal is a box of Crayon Crayons that has been crammed into it. The ancient Romans and Bedouins believed Opals to be the most precious and powerful stones in creation. Some believed them to contain lightning.

When looking closely at an Opal, you’ll feel like you’re looking at the Cosmos. For a moment, you might even feel that time does not exist. As the Opal takes hold of your consciousness, you might experience a vision of a never-ending array of galaxies. You might even feel as though you can see other Realms and Realities.

Opals are beautiful stones that have been used for hundreds of years as lucky charms. They’re known to bring wearers happiness and love. Truly, an Opal can help you feel more positive and optimistic.

When we wear Opal gemstones, we can feel truly eternal.


Peridot is born from the mineral Forsterite. People go wild for the medium or dark green Peridots, and those without any brown or yellow hues. If you’re a Peridot purist, you’ll love the darkest of green Peridots. Some believe this rich and potent stone possesses medicinal and psychic powers. If you’re a Shaman or Wizard, you’ll want to strap this baby to your forehead!

Peridot can be found in many Catholic relics as well as jewelry from the latter part of the 1800s. Peridots come from a unique variety of places, including Arizona, Myanmar, Pakistan, Egypt, Norway – and even Antarctica!

Peridot can help us grow our material and physical lives. If we’re open to it, it can also help us prosper.  This beautiful gem adds strength to our lives and opens doorways to our highest purpose.


The ancient Egyptians believed that the Sapphire could help them predict the future. They used the Sapphire when planning large agriculture and Pyramid projects. They also depended on Sapphire when they were in pursuit of an enemy and when expanding their kingdoms. The most Divine Egyptian leaders would carry Sapphires wherever they journeyed.

If you’re a healer or leader, you can harness this gemstone’s power for your own protection and luck. These gemstones will also help you source inner insights. Doing so, you’ll invite greater abundance.

Those who carry Sapphires help ensure that their lives are peaceful and moving in a positive direction.


The colors of Topaz are rich, enticing, and wonderfully unique! Imagine the luxurious color of honey as it drops from a little spoon into your tea. Conjure an orange so fiery that it awakens your root chakra, inviting you to declare your love for your beloved. You might also love the Cyclamen pink found in Topaz or the cold and icy blues. No matter which images move you most, Topaz is a lustrous, delicious, enrapturing, and brilliant gemstone.

If you wear or carry Topaz, you are asking the Universe for healing or the power to overcome a challenge. Topaz will also help you find closure after an emotional, unexpected, or devastating loss. This glorious stone provides wisdom in times of need and transformative power to keep you focused and motivated along your way.

When you journey with Topaz, you will never feel alone.


Jasper is a deeply grounding stone. It can bring forth the natural, vibrant, earthly energies that run throughout creation. Jasper can help you tap into your intuition, strengthen your mental focus, and access the deepest levels of consciousness.

In ancient times, Jasper was used in amulets because they provided protection against negative energies and unforeseen forces.

Jasper will ground you in a simple and lovely clarity, while also helping you navigate life’s roughest waters.  Jasper resonates with power and can help you create, heal, and embody peace. 


Have you seen the rich and amazing blues found in Lapis Lazuli? Oh my, they are so beautiful! It’s such a luxurious stone.

Ancient Egyptians would grind Lapis Lazuli into powder and place it on the eyes of dead Pharaohs. This is a gemstone that helps illuminate the portal to the afterlife. If you’re looking to know the Cosmos, Lapis Lazuli can open the gateways for you.

If you’re open, Lapis Lazuli can also guide you to self-awareness, liberation, and enlightenment. It can also help you find your deepest truth. It is the perfect stone when you doubt yourself and are finding it difficult to receive love.

Lapis Lazuli is recognized for its powerful healing abilities. It can enhance your spiritual gifts and help you heal and serve others. Lapis provides pearls of ancient wisdom, granting wishes, and awakening the sense of adventure.


Rhodochrosite is the perfect crystal to open the heart chakra. It will help you attract self-love and people who will love you for who you are. When we allow Rhodochrosite to nurture the flow in our hearts, we expand. There is nothing more potent than our heart chakra.

Rhodochrosite can help you identify and deal with destructive emotions and people. It can encourage you to enjoy life and be more loving and passionate. With Rhodochrosite at your side, you might find that you’ll express more joy in all areas of your life. This divine stone can empower you to feel more confident and grow your self-worth.

Rhodochrosite is the best friend you’ve always needed.


Native Americans associate the beautifully integrated colors of Turquoise with the blues of Grandfather sky and greens of Grandmother earth. This gemstone is used in ceremonies and jewelry throughout the world. It is a truly special stone.

This vibrant gem can attract money, success, and love. It can fortify our abilities and supports us spiritually. There is so much goodness and light built into this stone, it can be helpful to anyone who wishes to improve their life.

If you’re a therapist, shaman, spiritual practitioner, or healer, you’ll find great nourishment from this stone. Bring it with you wherever you go!

The Lesser-Known Natural Gemstones and Their Transformative and Healing Power

Some of the rarest gems are often the most beautiful. An example is the gemstone Benitoite. This attractive blue or purple-colored barium titanium silicate can only be found in San Benito County in California. There are also lesser-known natural gemstones of Madagascar, which are all beautiful and rare. 


Natural gemstones can give your body and soul a deep and wonderful cleansing. They remove the toxins from our bodies and support the healing aspects of our spiritual Being.

Natural gemstones have healing and transformative power that can give us protection, wisdom, love, future insights, and wealth. Gemstones are living Companions that can serve you and your loved ones throughout your lives. You can use them to enhance the vibrations of any room or spiritual practice.

If you’d like, you can name your gemstones. After all, they are alive just like you and me.

I hope this article is helpful and nourishing for you. Wishing you lots of love, light, and blessings in your life!


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