What Does It Mean When We Say “No Excuses”?

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You are an unlimited Being, born from myriad miracles. Nothing is stopping you from growing, healing, and moving beyond your current circumstances and conditions. There’s karma to contend with, but prayer and your focus on an enlightened master or God, you can burn through karma. There will be pain, but the pain is transforming you.

Throughout our lives, we see many people succeed and many who fail. We might worship those who reach the tops of mountains, and we might dismiss those who often suffer defeat. As we wander the planet pursuing our passions and interests, we might secretly worship one of the world’s “winners” in our mind’s eye, hoping that one day we’ll achieve a status equal to theirs. In our focus on these individuals, we forget that our karma is unique.

Our paths are unique. And as such, we must forge unique trajectories to shift, transform, or transcend. 

Amid our own victories and failures, we learn what works and what doesn’t. We either improve, pivot, or die. If we’re honest with ourselves, we might admit that we rarely learn from our mistakes. Unwilling to dissolve our stubbornness and addiction to outdated behaviors and beliefs, we fail to free ourselves from bad habits, ill-conceived pursuits, and a variety of misconceptions. It all comes down to our excuses.

The idea of “no excuses” sounds simple, but we complicate it due to our self-perceptions and exhaustion. After all, life on Earth has become quite intense and complex these days. But when it comes down to it, you either want to grow and heal and improve your conditions, or you do not.

You might feel, “well, this pain, this situation, this is the way it is,” but we can always improve our circumstances, even if it’s only one small step at a time.

If you want to truly change and advance your position in the world, it probably won’t be easy. It will most likely require self-sacrifice and hard work. It will also require you to move beyond your temporary self-identities, attitudes, false desires, mental perseverations, and ego, and into a state of humility, honesty, and wonder.

If you’re too enthused with your identity and ego, or if you’ve become accustomed to playing the victim, you’ll continue to defend the notion that excuses are real – but they are not.

An excuse is a statement that we use to justify our inability to find pathways to improved conditions. It’s often contrived out of thin air and presented within ourselves in such a way that it brings us shame, thereby lowering our vibrations.

When we have 4 or 5 excuses, we believe we have a legal, defensible case against ourselves and our potential. We then use our minds to take ourselves to spiritual court. Even with the best intentions and most innovative slights of hand, we’ll lose this battle every time. We are too smart for our own good.

So, there we sit, stuck in a cesspool of our excuses.

Here are a few reasons why your excuses are merely contrived fantasies that you’re using to defeat yourself and defend laziness:

  1. You have skin, bones, a brain, a heart, and passion. With these elements, you can accomplish nearly anything. What most often happens is that we get distracted and depressed, and we refuse to shift our behaviors toward a more enlightening feeling or position. When you add our addictions to social media to the mix, you have a stew that can only breed mediocrity and complaints.
  2. Your ideas and passions are not that complicated. It’s not like your goal is to fly to a distant nebula on a magical, nuclear, cocktail napkin. Your desires are most likely based in reality, which gives you a fighting chance at bringing them to life.
  3. You have already tried sitting around, complaining, and building a case against yourself.
  4. You already know which of the people in your life you no longer value. You’ve been keeping them around so you can feel validated. It’s within this codependent model that we grow mental and emotional infections that can prevent us from ever-evolving.
  5. You have made mistakes and you have created some unique, winning scenarios. Even with a predominance of failures, you still have enough data to thrust you forward with confidence.
  6. You’re sick of your attitude, so why not try something else?

Whether you believe in reincarnation or not, this life of yours is happening. It’s ON. It’s moving forward with or without you.

Why not admit you’re blocked, and choose to change your daily routine so you can advance your life to the next level?

Exercise and mediate at 6am. Pray 3X a day so that you continually raise your vibration. Pray for others because when we do this, The Universe prays for us. Use The Sedona Method to release emotions. Find ways to selflessly serve others. Do yoga 4X a week. Eat more healthfully. You got this.

Change your beliefs and you change your life. Go get ’em!

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