Blended Soul™ Questions & Answers

For educational videos on how to use The Personality Cards plus other videos, go HERE.

1. What is the purpose of Blended Soul™?

Blended Soul™ provides helpful reflections on your personhood, nature, life, and relationships. Each personality card has an image on the front and writing on the back. When you flip a personality card to read about it, you will relate to it in some way. As you reflect on each card, it might encourage you to make positive shifts in your life. You might also choose to forgive someone, including yourself.

Mostly, Blended Soul™ can help us release the past, tap into our emotions, find clarity, and improve our self-worth. The app has many wonderful functionalities, including My Journal, and the ability to save and share personality readings. You might also want to have your written journal handy when using the app. You never know when deep insights will rise into your conscious mind!

2. What if my app is not working OR I purchased Premium and I don’t have Premium?

If you are experiencing any issues with the app, you might consider the following:

1) Please make sure that your iOS & Android phones and tablets are updated with the latest versions of those operating systems.

2) Add your email in profile. You can find your profile by clicking on the bottom right menu circle, which will pop-up your menu. Profile is at the top of the menu. Once in your profile, add your email, then save.

3) You’ll then receive a special OTP code via email to make sure it’s you.

4) Enter the code into the app.

5) If you’re App is not functioning properly or your Premium upgrade is not working at this point, you can consider this:

a) Go to Settings (by clicking on the wheel/gear settings icon on your phone). Scroll to Blended Soul.
b) Delete cache.
c) Delete data (storage)

6) If there are still issues, consider deleting the app and then reinstalling.

Afterward, make sure your email address is stated in your profile.

If you have any additional questions, please free to reach out by sending an email to

3. The app is running slow. What should I do?

You might have a poor internet connection or be in a bad cell reception area. Using the strongest of these connections will allow the app to function. You can try these things:

  • Turn off one of them, and then try turning that one back on – and shutting off the other.
  • Make sure that at least one of them is running strong.
4. I found some typos and functionality problems.

We love to receive feedback. If you have suggestions, please let us know by clicking Feedback in the top left menu. Thank you!

5. Blended Soul™ froze or crashed. What happened?

You might have too many apps open at the same time. This will be a challenge for Blended Soul™ because our app requires the same amount of memory as your email app. (because it’s chock full of amazing functionalities!)

You might consider closing some of your other apps so that Blended Soul™ can run more effectively and efficiently.

If problems persist, please share your feedback under the Feedback button in the top left menu. Thank you!

6. I want my own mobile or web app. Can you guys build one for me?

Yes! Visit CreativeLab.TV and click the button in the upper right for a FREE 30-MIN CONSULT. We’d be happy to discuss your web and mobile app needs.

With clients ranging from Aetna Insurance to startups and local businesses, Paul and his teams can build anything.

7. How do I hire Paul Wagner to deliver a lecture, workshop, or retreat?

To hire Paul, visit HERE.

8. Blended Soul™ seems to know me – kinda spooky. How does it work?

Blended Soul™ uses unique algorithms that were built to help you see yourself and life more clearly. Also, given that your thoughts and intentions are a magnet for everything that appears in your life, you will naturally attract personality cards, readings, and experiences that are reflective of your thoughts and desires.

Plus, we use a questionnaire for the My Primary Set Reading that adds helpful hints to your personality profile. You can access your questionnaire by clicking on the lower right menu button.

9. Where is the link to Blended Soul™ on Google Play?

10. What is the link to Blended Soul™ on iTunes?

Blended Soul™ is an exciting tool that inspires growth & happiness.


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