Gather, Grow & Glow: Your Joyful Transformation Awaits

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I hope you'll embrace this profound & inspiring opportunity to celebrate your divinity - and receive divine guidance from a playful, empathic, intuitive guide. Explore the benefits below!

Our Shankara Party will be fun, deep, inspirational & profound 2-hour event for those seeking clarity, healing, and divine guidance. You'll receive your very own Shankara Oracle as a gift for hosting the event. If your application is accepted, we'll decide to either do this online or have me come to you in person.


Unlock All Of Your Potential

Everyone who attends your Shankara Party will discover hidden truths through the divine guidance of The Shankara Oracle. They'll release emotions & aspects that do not serve them, feeling healed & inspired.

Heal, Transform, Rebirth!

Receive personalized readings by Paul (Kalesh), the creator of The Shankara Oracle. Ask deep and personal questions answers - and gain needed clarity & guidance to uplift your life & the lives of your friends.

Connect With Friends, Ancestors & Spirit

Deepen your intimacy with loved ones in a safe, sacred space. Enjoy connections with angels, ancestors, gurus & Divine Beings. Our event together will be a supremely healing experience for everyone.

Fun, Playful, Empowering

Experience an uplifting & enjoyable morning of deep (spicy) intuitive guidance from a lighthearted & experienced mystic & psychic. As your potential is unveiled, you'll have a truly exciting, entertaining time.

Receive A Free Shankara Oracle

Take home your very own Shankara Oracle - PLUS, you'll enjoy exclusive discounts and gifts - all in celebration of your spiritual journey.

Limited Time Offer To Awaken Together

Embrace this rare opportunity for personal & spiritual growth. You'll feel empowered and excited as you expand your intuitive abilities - through The Shankara Oracle & mystic-medium Paul Wagner (Krishna Kalesh).


Join Our Lovely Tribe!

Receive Love-Notes With Beautiful And Empowering Information. Enjoy!