Personality Cards: The Meaning Behind The Symbols PT 1

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There are times when we search for answers on our own, but we can’t find the clarity within ourselves to find what we’re looking for. The good news is, is that there are things out there that can guide us when we need it, like tarot or oracle cards, but a deck of cards that can be even more powerful are Personality Cards. Whether you’re looking for some introspective answers, or wanting to share beliefs or feelings with your friends and family, Personality Cards can help you explore your whole being and provide some inspiration along the way.

The Birth of Personality Cards

Personality Cards were developed by Paul Wagner, with the goal to create an inspiring, modern and unique set of oracle cards that can help guide you in any aspect of your daily life.  Personality Cards come in a beautifully designed box with 78 well-illustrated cards and a booklet to help the user understand the meaning of each card. Similar to tarot cards, each Personality Card represent a metaphor for various people that we’ve met in our lives, designed to provide insight into your relationships, inspire you and allow you to look inward and find the clarity you need to be happy and at peace.

Here we explore the meaning of each of the cards and how you can use them to help guide you:

The Lover

This Personality Card embraces unconditional love, which is the purest universal vibration of energy. The Lover does not conform to the worldly habits of desire, passion, romance, projections, or need. Instead, the Lover recognizes and accepts that they embody love  themselves, instead of seeking love in other people. Therefore, despite the complexity of our lives, it is important to allow ourselves to receive nourishment and healing from the Universe where love is deeply implanted. The Lover card’s message is to be the love you want to see in other people. It all starts with you, the Lover.

The Bumble Bee

The Bumble Bee represents kind-heartedness and self-reliance. They are open-minded crafters, who enjoy sharing their work and are not afraid to go that far from home, as they also enjoy the rewards that come with the exploration. The Bumble Bee reminds us that it is best to open our minds to every possibility and free our imaginations, be present and aware, take risks and let go of the need to be in control. Only then will you relax and experience simple and clear joy.

The Feeler

The Feeler is a sensitive soul; sensitive to vibrations, words, thoughts, and sounds. They are very insightful in transforming dynamics and processes and helping people with something as small as a glance, gesture, or even a word. The Feeler believes that if you want to understand yourself and human nature, then you must practice empathy. You should practice compassion and empathy in any situation you find yourself in. You will only get to see from every perspective because you will be in harmony with everything around you. This approach will help you find the best action to take for any situation. The Feeler encourages us to be open to the energies around us, but not forget to respect our boundaries and those we want to connect with.

The Righteous Beast

The Righteous Beast is a personality that leans toward aggressiveness and assertiveness. A reminder that, at times, you require aggression to get what you want in life. You need to defend your dreams even when they seem absurd to others and what you believe in without bowing to any external pressure. The Righteous Beast encourages you to channel your focus and embrace your authentic self. Get rid of whatever is trying to restrict and confine you, the conditions limiting you from achieving what you want. We are often too scared to get out of our comfort zone, but this personality card urges us to go beyond our comfort zone and explore our most tremendous potential. It is a reminder that to attain greatness; you require internal toughness.

The Influencer

The Influencer believes that being generous, through sharing and being helpful, is valuable when it comes to sharing information. The Influencer is charismatic and bright, encouraging others to express themselves, constantly coming up with new concepts, and can easily persuade you to like the person you are. This Personality Card also urges you to be keen on the readily available resources because they will help augment your well-being and wealth. Since the Influencer aims to impress through their speeches, clothes, and appearances, being associated with them might also improve how people view you, say elevation by association! The Influencer urges us to be generous givers with no expectations and not have a high opinion on popularity and position.

The Floating

The Floating is charming, charismatic and endearing, who makes us inherently feel safe when we’re around them. They are sweet and warm, but connecting with them is a challenge because they never seem to be grounded in one place. Touching the ground would mean establishing roots in one place, and this is something they find hard to do. The Floating flirts and flatters, but before it gets any deeper, they fly away. The message here is an encouragement to learn commitment, give yourself a chance to touch the ground, and establish roots to learn things like focus and loyalty. This way, your life is guaranteed to change.

The Hedonist

For the Hedonist, life is defined as pleasure, desire and anything with a sensory input. The Hedonist is very sensual, adventurous, and asks us to question the status quo and to expand our perceptions of what we think we want in life. At times, we are bound by how we perceive things, and we become rigid to change, and instead choose a path in life that in fact imprisons our authentic selves.  The Hedonist is reminding us that it is okay to want pleasure; after all, we are human. And, allowing ourselves to experience all this is a way to heal parts of us that want to be nurtured and seen.

The Mystical

The Mystical acts as a bridge between the physical form and the spirit, and taps into the spiritual and biological aspects passed down from generation to generation. The Mystical acts as a messenger by inviting your ancestors and guides to speak to you through them. They are open-hearted, intuitive, loving, and usually very committed to helping you cultivate clarity and happiness in your lives. This is a call to be open to receiving what the Universe is trying to communicate to you. Do not shut the doors and windows to your heart and soul to experience the energy that is vibrating around you. Let the current flowing within you embrace the forces around it and be inspired by them.

The Comedian

The Comedian is an inventive and wildly dark Shaman. Society has a lot of beliefs, philosophies, and perceptions that limit what people can do. In these beliefs, some falsehoods have been created over the years and instilled in us, so much so that they have become part of the truth. The Comedian wants you to challenge these misconceptions and false narratives; there are so many illusions that we have created in and among us, and it is high time we get rid of them too. The truth will always set you free from mental prisons, limiting beliefs that have held us captive so long that we cannot see ourselves. The Comedian wants you to strive for awareness to deconstruct all the false narratives, find the truth, and eventually find your freedom.

The Cuddler

The Cuddler wants you to experience healthy physical and emotional intimacy. They are a very affectionate soul who encourages you to get in touch with your feelings and not shut them out. They understand how valuable affection is and its power in shifting one’s mood. A small gesture like a hug or a massage goes a long way in healing a fractured or wounded heart or spirit. There is no shame in asking for a hug or a simple action like holding hands, we yearn to feel love and affection, and it is good to let yourself be loved and experience affection. The Cuddler also warns about overdependence on touch because this can limit your growth; instead, strike a balance to ensure you have a healthy attachment to others. It is also a reminder that while we expect and yearn for intimacy with others, we should practice self-love, feed our bodies, minds, and souls with love, and let that mirror how we want to be loved. There is nothing wrong with wanting affection; embrace it because that makes us human.

The Serpentine

The Serpentine is very conniving, lustful and hungry in a way that is not beneficial to you and those around you. They are very mischievous, crafty, and sneaky. The Serpentine is also very manipulative and will show you what you always desire, trick you into what you always crave, and pushes you to be selfish so that you can reveal your secrets. This card encourages us to look inside ourselves and improve what we believe, what we desire, our motivations, and what we pledge allegiance to because the Serpentine will bring out the worst in us. It does not serve us to be devilish; we need to embrace honesty, balance our desires, hunger, and ambitions so that they do not lean towards selfishness, and strive to make our desires good so that in case we are visited by the Serpentine, he does not take away the goodness in you and consume it with mischief, craftiness, and selfishness.

The Awakened

Is also called the One Who Comes into the State of Oneness, the embodiment of the spirit, energy, soul, light, force, and physical. There is no way to separate any of these elements because they are woven together in something; you! The Awakened reminds us that we are loved, and we are love; therefore, we should practice commanding love even in situations that seem impossible to teach love. The Awakened encourages us to move swiftly from one challenge to another with consciousness. Even when it seems impossible, we should not forget to practice love because it will bring miracles and light. In a world that is often very cruel, the Awakened reminds us that we should not join the cruel bandwagon to spread cruelty; instead, we learn to see ourselves in the highest life, which begins by commanding love and believing that we are love and deserve love.

The Shifter

The Shifter challenges us to change our patterns and encourages us to grow. We are always stuck in the same place with the same things out of habit with the fear of venturing into unfamiliar territories. However, being in a routine dims our innovations, creativity, and inspiration. Therefore, the Shifter wants us to step out of our routines, be daring enough to embrace the wild where we still have no formed habit, explore what is out there, and be open to inviting change in every aspect of our lives because change is inevitable and is at times exactly what we need.

The Silent

The Silent knows the value of sitting in our thoughts, in the quiet, connecting with the eternal as they find peace in the silence. Our everyday lives are filled with so much going on; at times, we must be still, keep quiet and find peace in the silence. You will quickly and easily feel tranquility if you maintain silence and practice meditation; the journey to serenity will be longer if you do not silence your mind and constantly keep analyzing things. Silence is golden, and this personality card reminds us to exercise it, make room for the Universe, deepen ourselves, and find quick, amicable, and reasonable answers to our problems.

The Healer

The Healer is pure and clear; they help others soothe the vibrations by holding intentions of flow and rejuvenation. To be like the Healer, you must accept vulnerability and not be afraid. We often build high walls around us to prevent others see us in our vulnerable states. Still, the Healer reminds us that light and sound are foundational elements of creation and make up physical matter, thoughts, and emotions. Souls embody love frequencies in their purest forms, and therefore, we need to allow external expansiveness to flow through us and align love and light with healing fractures. It is a reminder to allow ourselves to be vulnerable; only then will our prayers be answered, and we will find peace.

The Family Fable

The Family Fable loves and adores family. They use ancestral stories to validate his beliefs and desires and does well when their family thrive. The Family Fable reminds us that there are a lot of good values that we can pick from; however, the Family Fable warns us that, at times, the family can be destructive, and we have to pay attention to that. Some of us are in toxic family relationships without even realizing it. While to some, it is uncommon for a family to be wrong or toxic, we need to acknowledge that there is no picture-perfect family and at times, what is draining the zeal of life out of you is your family. You may also be picking up negative traits from them that make you toxic to others. Therefore, evaluate which family aspects are helping you grow and which ones are not.

The Harness

The Harness is a leader who wants the team members to put their skills to good use and strives to inspire them through language to help them enjoy and invest in working together for the common good. They aim to ensure collaboration and bring people together. The Harness can help teams realize their full potential, even those that seem to be mediocre. They tap into the passion and expertise of every team member with courage. They realize that people can achieve a lot if they work together; two heads are better than one, and therefore, they will succeed with each team player having a specific task custom to their area of expertise. The Harness is a reminder that collaborations bring out the best in everyone; they are very productive and ease one’s mind off doing all the work themselves. If you want to go far, walk with others.

The Whimsical

The Whimsical is a light-hearted soul who believes in the path to your freedom through magic and playfulness. It is never that serious; therefore, the Whimsical chooses playfulness over everything. They see through the barriers you have created and goes straight to the heart of the matter. We often set many boundaries and restrictions that limit us from being who we are. These restrictions cage us in a box and deny us our freedom. But the Whimsical reminds us that there is a whole world of infinite possibilities outside our cocoons. Sticking to what we know and not willing to explore anything else that is out there makes us miss out on the gift of magic that is ever present around us. This card urges you to relax, let loose, exert yourself beyond your cocoon, and see yourself expand, take that leap of faith.

We can all learn more form ourselves and others by using divination. When we ask the universe for answers, and we open ourselves up to the possibilities, we can find deeper meaning in ways we never would have dreamed.

Meet Paul Wagner

Paul Wagner is an Intuitive Life & Business Coach, clairvoyant reader, and a five-time EMMY Award-winning writer. He created “THE PERSONALITY CARDS,” a powerful Oracle-Tarot deck that’s helpful in life, love, and relationships. Paul studied with Lakota elders in the Pecos Wilderness, who nurtured his empathic abilities and taught him the sacred rituals. He has lived at ashrams with enlightened masters, including Amma, the Hugging Saint, for whom he’s delivered keynotes at Her worldwide events.

Paul tours the world lecturing on spiritual liberation. He lovingly offers intuitive readings, inspirational coaching, and illuminating courses to help others with self-discovery, decision-making, healing, and forgiveness. Book a session with Paul: HERE

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