Personality Cards: The Meaning Behind the Symbols PT 2

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In our second part of exploring the Personality Cards and their meanings, we continue to discover the symbolism of the unique card series and most importantly, how to interpret these cards when you draw it. Have an open heart when you pull from the cards and always remember, be kind and loving to yourself while you’re looking for answers!

The Cowboy  

The Cowboy of my personality cards is simple and authentic, someone who knows who they are deep down. The Cowboy values honor and loyalty; striving to see the good in people and is therefore not afraid to give them the benefit of the doubt. Their focus is doing right and being a protector of others. They are also very good at taking charge and leading the way in any situation, attracting good people and holding on to them. The only way to get there is if you have honor and integrity, starting with striving to remove complications and keep things simple because this simplicity will help you see things how they truly are. The Cowboy wants us to seek to be healthy and productive people, follow commitments through and avoid emotional dialogue.

The Interrupter

The Interrupter often sees no harm in jumping into other people’s activities without giving it much thought. The reception for this is usually not positive, but the Interrupter usually has no ulterior motives or ill intentions when they do this. People are very different, and so are their reactions to things; some may find this very annoying, while others may see nothing wrong with the Interrupter’s actions. This card encourages us not to take anything personally, but instead focus on the insightful things we have gotten from the interactions that we have participated in. The goal is to always be receptive and slow down to allow you to receive what you need.

The Squeeze    

The Squeeze is very manipulative; they know your weaknesses and what makes you vulnerable, tapping into those aspects of yourself to make things work in their favor. It is often quite challenging to realize the manipulation because their actions seem very harmless, but therein lies how manipulation works. In the real sense, the Squeeze is using wit and strategy; most of the time, they come in the form of something disruptive or service. At times we get into situations hastily, and The Squeeze reminds us to do our research before getting into situations that may not work out in our favour. You need to demand transparency, be very protective, and think critically; this is the only way you will see things from a fresh and clear perspective. This also serves as a reminder that no blessing comes from rushing into things and therefore, guard yourself. This card encourages us to stop playing games with others, and instead be authentic to enjoy our own freedom.

The Covert

The Covert is a curious soul that questions everything and reminds us that everything is not what it seems to be; there is always something hidden if we have the courage to look. The Covert believes that honesty serves in seeking light even in the shadows by being forthcoming about what you do, choosing to live in the light, your energy intensifies. The Covert makes us question and rethink our whole being; it forces us to get rid of the mentalities we have about humanity and other illusions we have in us. It encourages us to be alert because there are many things unknown to us in existence. It also urges us to embrace honesty, clarity, and transparency with people around us, especially when we are fond of having secret dealings. This does not mean that you reveal everything you are doing, but it wants you to be truthful, avoid being shady and manipulative, and live in the light and this light will shine your energy brighter and more radiant.

     The Yesterday

Letting the past remain in the past is easier said than done; it is a challenge for us to let go. The Yesterday in my personality cards wants you to live the moment and let the past be. We tend to hold on to what happened to us before, thinking of what could have been having something happen differently. The truth is that we cannot change what happened and the more we are adamant about letting the past be the past, the more we miss out on living the moment. What joy is there to being alive if we can’t live it? We can get stuck in a vicious cycle that prevents us from moving forward, carrying the past with us and dragging us down with it. The Yesterday asks us not to dwell on the past, to focus on the present and create room to make new memories because if we don’t, life will pass us by.

The Innocent Rascal

When people repeatedly point out that you are guilty, it eventually settles in you, and you start to believe them.  This is the case for the Innocent Rascal in my personality cards, who often has an energetic body, that is constantly under scrutiny and appears very untrustworthy. This personality card is encouraging us not to be hasty in passing the guilty judgment on the Innocent Rascal, and for the Rascal, the message is an encouragement to release all the negativity that people have them about themselves over and over; instead, they should focus on the positive traits they have and things that speak of inner love for them to let go of the shame and guilt.

The Socializer

The Socializer finds their joy in sharing information with anyone willing to lend a listening ear. Information, in this case, varies from facts and data to gossip and secrets; as long as the information will either educate or excite the listener, then the Socializer will share it with them. Socializers are often quick to share the information they get, ensuring that their audiences stay informed. This gives them the responsibility to ensure what they share with their audience is positive. The downside to being a Socializer is that your following often believes in what you feed them, and you might be an instrument of destruction and discord if you feed people with half-truths, secrets, and gossip. Therefore, it is up to the Socializer to ensure they exercise love and kindness in what they share with others.

The Hermit

The Hermit’s message for my personality cards deck is that people should take a step back and reconsider what we are addicted to, what we are obsessed with, and what we possess. When we seclude ourselves for long periods of time, this tends to dissolve how we connect to ourselves and how we connect to the light. It is important to find a balance in how we relate to society and the norms that it has in place. We have to break free from whatever is holding our senses captive and learn to live a freer and more fruitful life. We need to be aware of who we are by fostering a balanced connection that prevents us from withering away or forgetting ourselves. Only then will you discover the actual value of things.

The Grouch

The Grouch encourages us to speak our minds just like they do and what happens when we speak up, is a teachable moment we should embrace, both positive and negative. This encouragement is that pretense is not beneficial; there is no need for you to pretend to be happy when you are not. Instead, allow yourself to be grumpy, learn from it and go on. The Grouch highlights our constant need to hide our imperfections and pulling this card to meant to encourage us to be honest when we look at ourselves and feel inspired by what we see. We should filter all the negativity from the feedback, opinions, and experiences we go through and focus on what is helpful to our growth. We do not always have to take everything said to us, only what is valuable, and ignore the rest.

The Transparent

The Transparent reminds us that life is at its simplest when we approach it with honesty, transparency, and goodness. This personality is very genuine and lovely. According to their understanding, one loses energy when we pretend, so this card encourages us to not succumb to that. We should rethink our engagement with the world by consuming less media content and being less busy; essentially, learning to consume less in general. This soul asks us to re-evaluate our tendencies and assumptions, look for what is sincere and authentic to us and connect with that to be peaceful. When we are open to all these, we feel and become free.

The Heart Collector

The Heart Collector in my personality cards is a charismatic soul who acknowledges that love can move mountains. They are generous and gracious and can see right through you. The Heart Collector wants to remind us that we should stop seeking validation from others and warns us against being full of ourselves. When we inflate our egos and make everything about us, we lower our vibration, and instead, we should remain straightforward, unselfish, and sincere.

The Little Devil

The Little Devil has built a reputation around a fascination with the dark edges of reality. They implore you to have some excitement in your life, meet mysterious people, do things you would not normally do. This is to encourage you to feel things you never thought possible and welcome new experiences into your life. However, The Little Devil warns us against letting our desires control us; we need to be in control of what we desire and what we crave because they are usually temporary and sometimes potentially dangerous. Therefore, you should ask the Divine to enlighten your shadows, let you not be consumed by your desires, and learn to control them.

The Softie

The Softie is a kind and warm soul that inspires others to be warm and show compassion and empathy to others. They are sweet and, without effort, make us warm up to them. The Softie encourages us to trust our hearts even when circumstances are upsetting and chaotic. We should not be afraid to reveal our sweetness even in situations that seem very heated. Sweetness and benevolence are very uplifting, and we should never forget that. However, this does not mean that you should let anyone walk all over you because you are kind and sweet; you should not be swayed by those who think you have no say; you should defend what you stand for and refuse to be a pushover.

The Verge

The Verge is constantly pushing and committed to success by fighting through every storm that comes their way. They are hardworking, relentless, courageous, and practices perseverance. But, this can cause stress and exhaustion when they push themselves too hard. The Verge reminds us that while success is good and achieving what you set out to do is remarkable, you should know your limits. Learn to understand that there is time for everything and sometimes, you must slow down. Pushing yourself too hard is not the way to attaining success. It is good to, at times, relax and take your mind off the pressure; it is not wasting time, and who knows, you might find the solution to your problem if you sit back and relax. You may see things from another fresh and helpful perspective if you are not always engrossed in what you are doing.

The Money

The Money reminds us that even though material wealth that not conflict directly with spiritual growth, it can blur the growth. The Money knows that currency’s purpose is the empowerment of initiatives, both business and family. This personality is good at operating what controls Money, but can also sense when it is tarnished. At time, they can forget that obsession with currency can bring conflict with happiness. This card tells us that money is not bad because, after all, we need it for our daily transactions and exchanges, but we should not expect anything from money, as it can also bring the bad in us. We should also know how to interact with it and not let it get in the way of our relationships with others and how our minds about things. Money should not make you shallow-minded, leaving you desperate for more and making you think you are better than others because the money comes and goes. The Money urges us to know how to interact and behave with currency.

The King

The King is strong, gentle, loving, fair, just and an eternal father.  The King is a seasoned warrior; assuring us freedom and safety, knowing when to strike and when to defend. The King urges us also to be confident in what we want; we should also have the courage to ask for it. This card is reminding us that it is essential to let others have their voice, especially when you are in a leadership position. As a leader, you should practice consensus, be firm and yet still practice gentleness. You should command into existence what you desire through grace and humility. Be open-minded, swift, decisive, and courageous.

    The Yearning

The Yearning is kind, understanding, and passionate; who understands pain and suffering and sympathizes with you when challenges arise. However, this card focuses on sadness more than hope. The Yearning always focuses on the distress and chooses to see the worst in all situations, preparing for the worst, which translates to attracting the worst. The Yearning is a reminder that feeling hopeless and helpless in every situation is not suitable for you. There are no miracles that will work for you; instead, we should choose to focus on the good and start at any point. Even when it still seems unclear where it is headed in short, take a step forward. The message is to ward off negativity, always have hope that things will turn out well, have courage and faith and by all means, embrace and confess positivity and you will become it; what you confess is what you will possess.

The Networker

The Networker in my personality cards enjoys social interactions, making meaningful introductions, and meeting new people. Building a network and relationships while sharing resources and exchanging value is priceless to the Networker. Through this, the world advances, and people are always quick to monetize things, reducing the value of interactions. To the Networker, it is not about the money; the knowledge, insight, and experience one can get from these interactions are very useful. The Networker seeks knowledge, especially in an ever-changing and advancing world, and we can all benefit from this as they believe there is always enough for everyone. Introductions can improve resources depths and not only limit the resources to money, so this card encourages us to be open to introductions and interactions. Therefore, we should strive to socialize and get to know others because that is how we know we are playing the game of life right.

When we seek deeper meaning and more connection with ourselves and the universe, divination through personality cards is a powerful, accessible tool that we can use for our benefit.  We can become more self-aware and learn how to better navigate how we interact with the world. As well, it can be a great tool to use when you’re trying to understand others, growing our capacity or compassion and learning that we are all on a unique journey on this Earth.

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