Mind vs Soul – What Are The Truly Spiritual Modalities?

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Mind vs Soul – What Are The Truly Spiritual Modalities?

Trauma and pain can happen on so many levels. At the most basic, superficial level, our physical bodies can experience pain and trauma that requires physical healing from medical doctors and holistic practices like Traditional Chinese Medicine. When you dive a bit deeper, you might experience pain and trauma mentally and emotionally. You might go to see a therapist or psychologist to work through the pain or try natural calming remedies like breathing techniques and essential oils as you recover. Truly spiritual modalities, however, can heal on the levels that build the foundation for the rest of our wellbeing: our energy and soul.

There is much debate about which modalities are truly effective for spiritual healing. There is no standard or set schools for shamans and healers – instead, they follow their own paths and hone their own unique skills. When it comes down to it, only you can determine which techniques work best for you on your healing journey. I’m only here to guide you by offering spiritual modalities that can support full healing.

What is a Mind Modality?

The phrase “mind over matter” is truly more than just a phrase – it’s reality. The powers of the mind are still way beyond what scientists have yet discovered, and we may never be able to put into words or prove through academic research just how much it can do. Bill Mckenna, the founder of the Cognomovement, is a shaman who regularly talks about how the mind is so powerful that it can literally manifest anything we want into reality.

He explains that our chakras and mind are interconnected, and by practicing our skills of releasing attachments, we can better gain control of our energy flows. Further, by controlling our energy better, we can manifest physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. His techniques mainly rely on detaching ourselves from negative thoughts through tactile and visualization practices. schedule-intuitive-reading-with-paul-now

Mckenna focuses mainly on helping his clients discover what their fears are so that they can release them. By letting go of fear, we can clear our energy fields and make way for true health.

Overall, mind modalities focus on using the mind for overall healing by mentally gaining control of our energy flows.

Mind-Body Modalities

Many healing modalities that focus on the mind do so to heal the body. Even in Western medicine, many previously spiritual modalities are recommended in an effort to help heal the physical body. Practices like yoga, tai chi, and meditation are now used in less spiritual ways, washed of their true purposes as founded in Eastern practices. These superficial practices still, of course, help to calm the mind and do great things for the body – using stretching, breathing, and guided movements is certainly healthy and great for daily wellbeing. Regardless, when used in this way, these modalities are not truly spiritual because they do not penetrate deeper into our energy and soul.

What Are Soul Modalities?

Soul healing can be much more difficult to grasp than mind modalities because the concept of the soul is under dispute. Across schools of thought, the term “soul” can mean so many different things. For the sake of our topic, the soul is both within us and one with the Divine. By getting in touch with our souls, we get in touch with the Universe and with all living beings within it. Our souls hold our destinies. Trauma and barriers that exist on the level of the soul can be the most damaging and the most difficult to address.

Most people find it extremely difficult to remove all the other layers of their existence – their minds, bodies, emotions, etc. – in order to reach their souls. It can take years, even lifetimes, of a spiritual journey to fully get in touch with the soul. When we align every part of ourselves and our lives with our souls, we will experience true peace and raise our vibrations.

Because healing the soul is happening on the deepest levels of ourselves, the modalities can be much more challenging. They can take similar forms to other kinds of modalities, but they address the soul-level traumas and disturbances we are struggling with.

Energy is the Basis of All Truly Spiritual Modalities

Everything in the Universe is energy. Even physical objects are built at the smallest units on the energy and vibrations that stabilize our Universe. The atoms and molecules that create everything we see depend on energy. It’s no surprise, then, that our healing modalities must operate with this energy, working with it and opening up its flow so that any blockages and disturbances can melt away and we can realign ourselves with perfect existence. schedule-intuitive-reading-with-paul-now

A perfect example of this is Feng Shui, which is the ancient Chinese art of aligning the energy in ourselves with the energy of the Universe. Instead of placing ourselves and our objects in the environment in any way that we desire, we listen to the natural energy of nature of our Universe and arrange ourselves to fit into this natural flow.

To know if a method you are using for self-healing is a truly spiritual modality, assess whether it is helping you to ensure your energy is becoming realigned with the energy of the Universe on even the deepest levels so that you can access your higher self and enter full recovery.

Truly Spiritual Modalities to Try for Self-Healing

If you are interested in fully healing yourself from the inside out, you’ll need to commit to reaching deep into yourself to access your true self, the Divine, your soul. Many mind and body modalities can help bring you into the right place – you might have too many other traumas, pain, and disturbances affecting your body, mind, and emotions to start truly getting in touch with your soul.

Maybe you’ll need to relax your mind and body through your yoga practice before you can settle into a deep meditation, for example. Or maybe you’ve got a blocked energy flow that a practicioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine or Reiki can assist you in unblocking. Ultimately, though, you’ll need to end up using methods that align your soul’s energy with the Universe.

Truly spiritual modalities include things like deep prayer, sutras, and mantras. Prayers, such as the deeply beautiful Hindu prayers in the language of Sanskrit, literally bring you onto the wavelengths of the vibrations of the Universe. There are many mantras you can add to your practice that will help your soul heal, and you can pull already-existing ones or create your own for a fully personalized experience. Reading sutras can also guide us on our journey by helping us get in touch with ourselves and helping to make changes in our ways.


You are a beautiful Living Being filled with light and love, born from stardust. You are unlimited potential in every direction. With a focus on discipline, virtue, and your own goodness, you can become as expanded and liberated as you desire.

Pray for others and the Universe prays for us.



There is no “Other.” There is only you experiencing yourself.



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