11 Top Fast-Food Burgers Rated By The Animal’s Pain You’ll Eat

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While we all crave fast-food every now and then, if you’re like me, you might resent yourself afterward. Somehow we talk ourselves into eating this fake food, even when we know exactly what it does to our bodies, minds, hearts, and souls. But Wait! Fast-food tastes so good! There are so many top fast-food burgers in the industry to try! And it’s fast! And you feel like a kid for a few minutes when eating it! BONUS!

Fast-Food & Emotions

Every fast-food burger has its own unique appeal. Some taste authentic and are of the best quality, while others taste like the chemicals infused into them. Truth be told, there is more to worry about in these burgers than the taste.
Food was not meant to be made quickly all the time. The faster some food is made is often proportionate to how devastating and unhealthy it is for your body. It’s not just about the chemicals and processes: It’s about the energy of the food.

When an animal is killed, her emotions remain with the meat. When you ingest the meat, you ingest the emotions. Since most animals are killed inhumanely, they die with a great deal of anger, sadness, fear, and despair in their flesh, blood, and bones. The more you eat this meat, the more you consume and energetically internalize anger and other emotions, which could be dangerously debilitating for you.

Be Careful With Your Fast-Food

Most fast-food options are dangerous to your health, but some are better than others. While all fast-food contains toxic garbage, not all fast-food contains the same types and levels of emotions. A small portion of fast-food meat is processed minimally, and those animals are killed more humanely, which results in a far less toxic experience upon consumption.

As a highly sensitive person, I can feel the emotions in any person, and certainly, in any burger, especially upon consumption. After a while, friends began to ask me what I felt about certain burgers. They all confirmed exactly what I have been picking up from these burgers for years.

Here’s a leg up on the 11 top fast-food burgers and their Emotional Energy Rating, from worst to best:

Top Fast-Food Burgers Rated by Emotional Baggage

11: Sonic Drive-in

Ingest these burgers, and it’s pure evil being poured into your veins. You will be angry and grumpy and overreactive for well over a day after consuming their hate-burger.

Rating: 0

10: Freddy’s

Eat a Freddy’s burger and you will hate even your saintly mother for roughly 4-5 hours after the meal. You might even hate yourself.

Rating: 0

9: Carl’s Jr & Hardees

Enjoy these robust burgers for the flavors, then suffer the pain of the dead animal that was poorly treated and most likely beaten just before death. They must go out of their way to emotionally damage their animals to create food
with this level of darkness.

Rating: 0

8: Mcdonald’s

These burgers are built to momentarily satisfy your hunger and
personality, placate you as if you lived in a nursing home, and make you desire more of their chemicals and sugar. A shiny brand (that is now doubling down on garbage by selling Krispy Kreme Donuts) selling a hate-filled burger. Rating: 1*

(*) Of note, the emotions in the Filet-O-Fish are minimal, although I have no idea whether or not they comprise real food. I would bet – no.

7: Whataburger & Dairy Queen

These burgers are fascinating, as I doubt they are comprised of real meat. If they are, the meat has been sitting in a warehouse since the 60’s when their vacuous founders decided to offer the lowest quality food they could muster. These folks just don’t care about the quality and emotionality of their meat. They’re probably required to beat their animals before killing them.

Rating: 1

6: White Castle

These burgers are delicious, but they are not made with any measure of consciousness. Even the frozen foods they sell are wrought with heaps of emotional baggage. Eat a White Castle burger, and you will hate yourself until the next bank holiday.

Rating: 2

5: Burger King

Surprisingly, these burgers are not filled with hate and anger – but they do provoke great levels of sadness and despair when consumed. This means their dead animals were a little bit more emotionally healthy and prepared for their deaths than the animals killed by the other knuckleheads who make burgers. That said, you simply cannot feel happy, healthy, and whole after eating at Burger King. Even their vegan burgers will put your body to sleep.

Rating: 3

4: Wendy’s

Unlike their competitors, Wendy’s hamburgers are not filled with dark energies, birthed by dark forces from the other realms. Wendy’s burgers taste pretty good, fill you up, and don’t barrage you with emotional residue upon consumption. Get the smaller Jr burgers; they’re all you need to satiate your hunger. You don’t need their singles, doubles, and other oversized sandwiches to fill your belly. Chances are, the larger your sandwich, the worse it will be for your health.

Rating: 5

3: Five Guys

These folks are trying hard, and they do a pretty good job at delivering meat that does not make you want to kill yourself. The sandwiches are a little soggy and sometimes not very hot, but their remarkable french fries drenched in peanut oil tend to make up for it.

Rating: 7

2: In-n-Out

These are real hamburgers made from normal ingredients and tasty fat. Limited emotional toxins in these burgers propel them into a relatively safe energy zone. They’re delicious and you can’t beat the friendly, all-American customer service. No grumpy or sleepy millennials here!

Rating: 8

1: Good Times Burgers

These are the healthiest burgers you can buy in the fast-food world. The flavor in their burgers is not perfect, but it’s good enough, especially considering how peaceful you’ll feel after your meal. Whether at the window or drive-through, your burgers are served hot, fast, and with an unusual level of courtesy.

Rating: 10

Honorable Mentions

Arby’s and Subway: While they’re not famous for burgers, these two have low
emotionality in their meals; I’m just not sure if what they sell is meat or something more sinister. Seriously, there is nothing on planet Earth that looks like Arby’s Roast Beef, except maybe faux-leather. That said, while Arby’s coupons are easy to use, most Subway owners reject coupons; this has zero integrity and reduces the vibrations of the brand and, more importantly, your experience.

Rating: 5

If You Get Sick

If I get sick from a burger (or anything else), I take a 250mg capsule of Glutathione and open it under my tongue with a tsp of honey. Once dissolved, I swallow it with 2000mg of vitamin C with a huge glass of water. This concierge-medicine concept has the potential to kill whatever bugs your favorite burger joint has been growing in their fake meat vats. I’m not a doctor, but my doc recommends this, and he’s awesome.

Your Best Options

You probably won’t feel your best after eating at many of these top fast-food burgers for emotional baggage, but, let’s face it, health was not your motivation. If you were thinking clearly and motivated by achieving perfect health, you would have eaten at Whole Foods. To get the most nutrients from your fast-food adventure, ask for extra onions and veggies. This will also give you enough vitamin C to ward off whatever creatures are lurking in the netherregions of your sandwich.

To help your body deal with after one of these top fast-food burgers, try praying over your food before consuming it. Chant Om three times in your hands and place your hands on your food. This will improve its vibration and lessen its toxic impact on you. As always, your best option is to buy humanely raised, organic meat and cook it at
home. Buy the softest brioche or sesame seed buns and have a feast that your body, mind, and heart will love.

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