Self-Care Strategies for Psychics, Intuitives/Empaths, and Healers

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Self-Care Strategies for Psychics, Intuitives/Empaths, and Healers

We’ve all been there – pushing ourselves too hard to dive deeply into helping someone see themselves clearly or helping them to heal their pain. It’s easy to love human beings amid their challenges – it’s even more difficult to love ourselves. 

Many healers forsake themselves because they too are working on self-love, healing, boundaries, and creating divinely inspired lives. And while it’s amazing what many of us do for others, it’s vital that we learn to take care of ourselves in ways that may not have been required of us prior to becoming healers.

For those who work in realms that extend beyond the conventional sensory experiences—psychics, intuitives, empaths, and spiritual healers, our challenges are unique. Engaging deeply with these skills often means traversing through other realms or opening ourselves up to receiving divine and other guidance from the spirit realms – a process that can sometimes leave individuals feeling dizzy, disoriented, overwhelmed, angry, sad, or quite confused. 

This usually happens when we fail to maintain physical health through proper nutrition and spiritual practices – or when we forget that our psychic space also needs some love and attention toward our protection.

What’s The Most Important Thing We Can Do?

Set boundaries!

Setting clear and effective boundaries during healing sessions is not just a matter of professional practice; it’s a cornerstone for ensuring the health and success of both the practitioner and the client. Here are the top three explosive benefits of establishing such boundaries:

Enhanced Energy Management and Preservation: One of the most significant benefits of setting boundaries is the preservation of energy. Healers and psychics often work with intense emotional and spiritual energies, which can be draining. By setting a time limit for each session, specifying the types of interactions that are acceptable, and clearly defining what is outside the scope of the session, practitioners can prevent energy depletion. 

This allows them to maintain a high level of vitality and effectiveness, not just for one session but across all their engagements. It ensures that the healer remains in the best possible condition to assist others, thereby maintaining a sustainable practice.

Improved Therapeutic Effectiveness: Boundaries help create a safe and structured space for both the healer and the client. When clients understand the limits and structure of the session, it helps them feel secure and more open to the healing process. This clarity enables them to engage more deeply, facilitating more effective healing. Boundaries also help manage client expectations, which can enhance the overall impact of the healing process. When clients know what to expect, they are more likely to be satisfied with the session and feel a sense of progress and resolution.

Professional Integrity and Personal Well-being: Setting boundaries is essential for maintaining professionalism and ethical standards in any therapeutic or healing practice. It protects both the practitioner and the client from potential ethical issues, such as dependency, over-familiarity, or abuse of power. For the practitioner, clear boundaries also mean reduced stress and decreased likelihood of burnout. 

Knowing that there are limits – that the session will not extend beyond what they can handle physically and emotionally – gives practitioners peace of mind. This ensures that they can continue to do their work without compromising their health or professional integrity.

Boundaries in healing sessions (and life!) act as a protective framework that benefits all parties involved. They help maintain the healer’s energy, increase the effectiveness of the therapeutic process, and safeguard the professional and personal well-being of both the healer and the client. 

Our boundaries are not just lines drawn for discipline; they are foundational to a thriving, sustainable practice – and a peaceful and safe life outside our work.

Other Essential Self-Care Tips

Nutrition and Physical Health: It’s critical for individuals engaged in these practices to maintain robust physical health. Nutritional deficiencies can exacerbate the sensations of disorientation or mental fog encountered during deep intuitive work. Regular, balanced meals can ground practitioners and help maintain clarity.

Session Length: Keeping sessions no longer than 75 minutes will help limit or prevent your exhaustion and preserve energy. It also involves energetic boundaries to ensure one doesn’t absorb negative energy or excessive emotions from clients.

Structuring Sessions: The importance of structuring sessions cannot be overstated. A clear beginning, middle, and end help both the practitioner and the client maintain focus and manage expectations. This structure aids in preventing the session from veering off course and becoming too taxing on the psychic or healer.

Clearing Negative Energies: After sessions, clearing oneself of any energies picked up from clients is crucial. Techniques such as grounding, using visualizations of light, or physical methods like baths or smudging can be effective.

Managing Projections and Expectations: Practitioners need to be wary of projections and the tendency of clients to put them on pedestals. Keeping a humble perspective and reminding both themselves and their clients that the journey is a shared one towards greater enlightenment is vital. This approach helps maintain a healthy, respectful relationship centered on mutual growth and discovery.

The Spirit Realm

Delving into spiritual realms during psychic or healing sessions can indeed be an awe-inspiring experience, but it also comes with its share of eerie and otherworldly phenomena. These occurrences underline the importance of robust protective practices for those involved in such work. Here are some of the spooky events that practitioners might encounter, emphasizing why safeguarding oneself is crucial:

Spiritual Attachments: Sometimes, spirits or entities from other realms might attach themselves to a healer or psychic during sessions. These attachments can manifest as sudden changes in mood, unexplained physical symptoms, or unusual thoughts. It’s essential to perform cleansing rituals and use protective visualizations to prevent or remove these attachments.

Psychic Echoes: Practitioners might experience echoes of traumatic events or intense emotions that are not their own but remnants from clients or the spiritual realm they’ve interacted with. These echoes can be disconcerting and may lead to psychic overload if not cleared effectively.

Visions of Past or Future: Unexpected visions can occur, sometimes showing disturbing or confusing scenes from the past or potential future. These visions might be symbolic or literal and can be unsettling if one is not prepared to interpret and handle them.

Disembodied Voices or Sounds: Hearing voices or sounds that have no physical source can be quite spooky. These auditory phenomena are often communications from spirits or manifestations of energy within the spiritual realm. Ensuring one is grounded and protected helps manage these experiences without fear.

Physical Sensations and Manifestations: Unexplained physical sensations like cold drafts, feelings of being touched, or seeing shadows or apparitions can occur during deep spiritual work. These manifestations can be startling and may distract from the session’s purpose.

Time Discrepancies: Experiencing a distortion in how time is perceived is another eerie aspect. Practitioners might feel as though only minutes have passed during a session, when in fact much longer has elapsed, or vice versa. This can indicate a deep or excessive merging with the spiritual realms.

For those working in these sensitive and powerful areas, protective strategies are not optional but a necessity. Techniques such as grounding oneself, invoking protective shields, using sacred objects or symbols, and performing regular spiritual cleansings (like smudging or using salt water) are vital. Setting strong intentions for protection before each session, calling upon guides or protective spirits, and ensuring a clear closing and disconnection from the spiritual energies encountered are also critical practices.

These protective measures help maintain the practitioner’s wellbeing and ensure that their work remains pure, focused, and beneficial to those they aim to serve. Thus, respecting and preparing for the otherworldly aspects of their work not only preserves their safety but also enhances the healing and guidance they provide.

Specific Self-Care Guidelines for Psychics, Intuitives/Empaths, and Energy Healers

1. Psychics

Self-Care for Psychics: Psychics often engage with energies and information from various sources and dimensions, which can be mentally taxing. It’s essential for psychics to ground themselves regularly.

Meditation and Visualization: Daily meditation helps maintain mental clarity and strength. Visualization of protective barriers can shield psychics from unwanted energies.

Physical Grounding: Activities like walking barefoot on grass or gardening can help psychics stay grounded and connected to the earthly realm, providing a necessary balance to the ethereal nature of their work.

Scheduled Breaks: Regular breaks between readings are crucial to prevent energy drain and to clear the mind. This helps maintain sharpness and accuracy in their readings.

2. Intuitives/Empaths

Self-Care for Intuitives/Empaths: As highly sensitive to the emotions and energies of others, intuitives and empaths need to manage their emotional intake meticulously to avoid overwhelming themselves.

Emotional Boundaries: Learning to differentiate between one’s emotions and those picked up from others is crucial. Techniques like journaling or therapy can assist in processing these emotions without internalizing them.

Energy Cleansing Rituals: Using sage, salt water baths, or crystals like black tourmaline can help clear negative energies absorbed throughout the day.

Nurturing Environment: Surrounding themselves with supportive people and engaging in activities that replenish their energy, like nature walks or listening to soothing music, is beneficial.

3. Energy Healers

Self-Care for Energy Healers: Energy healers work by channeling healing energies into others, which can sometimes leave them depleted if not managed correctly.

Replenishing Energy: After sessions, it’s important for healers to engage in activities that refill their own energy reserves. This might include practices like Reiki on themselves, meditation, or participating in group healing sessions where they also receive healing.

Physical Care: Regular exercise and yoga can help maintain the flow of energy through their bodies, keeping them physically and energetically fit.

Community and Reciprocity: Engaging with a community of fellow healers can provide mutual support and energy exchange, which is vital for maintaining well-being and preventing burnout.

Each of these roles requires a tailored approach to self-care that respects the unique challenges and energies they encounter. By adhering to these practices, psychics, intuitives/empaths, and energy healers can protect their well-being while effectively assisting others.

Challenges To Address

When psychics, intuitives/empaths, and healers neglect their self-care, the repercussions can be profound, affecting their physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. These consequences not only impair their ability to serve others but can also disrupt their personal lives.

Physical Symptoms: Psychics and healers who continuously channel energy without adequate rest can experience physical burnout. Symptoms might include chronic fatigue, headaches, and even lowered immunity. As Paramahansa Yogananda wisely noted, “To work with God’s happiness bubbling in the soul is to carry a portable paradise within you wherever you go.” Without taking the time to recharge, one risks losing this inner joy and vitality, which is crucial for effective healing and spiritual work.

Emotional Drain: Intuitives and empaths are particularly susceptible to emotional overwhelm if they do not maintain boundaries. This can lead to conditions such as anxiety, depression, or emotional numbness. Anandamayi Ma taught the importance of detachment and self-awareness, advising, “Always remember the Lord. He is the one observer of all and is present everywhere.” By staying spiritually connected and self-aware, empaths can manage their emotional intake more effectively.

Spiritual Disconnect: Neglecting self-care can lead to a spiritual disconnect, which can be particularly devastating for those whose practice depends on their spiritual connection. Ramana Maharshi stated, “The degree of freedom from unwanted thoughts and the degree of concentration on a single thought are the measures to gauge spiritual progress.” A cluttered, exhausted mind can hinder this progress and disconnect one from their higher purpose.

Loss of Effectiveness: Without proper care, the ability of healers and psychics to serve others effectively diminishes. They might find their intuition clouded or their energy too weak to be of help. As Amma, the Hugging Saint, has said, “If we are able to take a few sincere steps on the path of spirituality, the lights of the great beings from all the worlds will illuminate our path.” Neglect in self-care is a step away from this path and from the help offered by enlightened beings.

Energetic Vulnerability: When psychics and healers are depleted, they become more susceptible to taking on negative energies from the environments or people around them. This vulnerability can lead to spiritual maladies and a weakened auric field, making it even harder to recover and restore balance.

Relationship Strains: Finally, the strain of inadequate self-care often extends beyond the individual to affect their relationships. Family, friends, and clients can all suffer when a psychic or healer is unwell. They may become less present, emotionally unavailable, or erratic in their behavior, which can lead to misunderstandings and conflicts.

These potential issues highlight the critical importance of self-care for those engaged in spiritual and healing practices. As these enlightened masters remind us, maintaining one’s health and spiritual well-being is not just about personal benefit—it’s essential for fulfilling one’s role in the world as a conduit of healing and spiritual wisdom.


Taking care of oneself is not just an act of personal well-being, but a profound duty for those who dedicate themselves to serving and healing others. It is through self-care and spiritual practice, or sadhana, that we fortify our bodies, cleanse our minds, and elevate our spirits. This holistic approach ensures that we are not only healers and servers of humanity but also lovers of our own sacred existence.

Embrace the practice of sadhana as a beautiful and necessary ritual. It is in these moments of deep connection with the Divine that we find the strength and clarity to serve others more effectively. As Paramahansa Yogananda once taught, aligning our will with divine will brings us into a harmonious state where our actions become effortless extensions of divine energy. This alignment empowers us, enabling us to act as vessels of healing light and love in the world.

Remember, as we care for ourselves, we are better equipped to care for others. The time spent in meditation, in nature, in quiet contemplation, or in joyful communion with the arts and our communities, are not selfish acts. They are vital replenishments that enable us to give more fully to others. Anandamayi Ma encouraged her followers to perceive every action as an offering to the Divine; in this spirit, self-care too is a sacred offering.

Approach your self-care as an essential, joyful part of your life. As lovers of humanity, our first responsibility is to maintain our own light so that we may illuminate the paths of others. This is not a journey we undertake alone but in the blessed company of all who have walked the path of service before us. 

As Amma says, “A continuous stream of love flows from us towards all beings in the cosmos. That is our true nature.” By caring for ourselves, we keep this stream pure and powerful.

In this spirit of love and service, let us commit to our sadhana, protect our well-being, and heal ourselves daily. For in doing so, we do not just heal ourselves; we heal the world.

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