Helpful Ways To Achieve Rebirth During Challenging Times

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Most of us entered this life in a medical facility, surrounded mostly by strangers. When we came into the world, we were hopefully welcomed, fed, and soon loved. As we’ve meandered through this life, we’ve adopted religions, societal paradigms, and habits that have been either helpful to us or not-so-helpful. Yet, even though we are entrenched in ideas and behaviors that we learned from others, it doesn’t mean that we’re done growing. In fact, at any moment we can free ourselves from the clenches of outdated thinking, limiting ideologies, and undesirable relationships. We can ALWAYS set ourselves free, and achieve rebirth: free from harm, free from bondage, free from temporary self-identities that keep us caged.

To confront who we are and where we’re going, we must first be honest with ourselves. If we can be truthful with regard to our limitations and make note of the aspects of our lives that have never worked for us, we can certainly imagine and pursue their opposites. 

To begin your journey to a freedom-oriented wholeness and achieve rebirth, we must first let go of the past and realize that it is nothing but a canceled check. It’s an illusion that we somehow learned to cherish. Even when it’s painful, we still cherish the past. We might even obsess about it, which can lead to a life of regret and unfulfilled potential. 

You’re better than that – and you know it! 

Inspire Rebirth During Challenging Times
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  • Forgive one person today. If you can’t forgive them, pray for them. If you can’t pray for them, imagine them in a positive light. 
  • Explore the best practices for healing yourself. Pick one and try to master it. Meditation is a good place to start. 
  • Expand your diet by introducing new foods to your home and family.
  • Become more self-sufficient in the home by learning how to ferment, jar, and freeze all the delicious foods that you’ve always loved.
  • Create your own medicinal, herbal tinctures, teas, and salves. Some of the most beneficial remedies are made in our own kitchens. 
  • Pick one short book to read aloud with a loved one. 
  • Explore ways to turn your sweet little hobby into a home business.
  • Reach out to a financial advisor to learn about how people grow their wealth. Even small steps can turn into big wins over time. 
  • Join the many Facebook groups connected to your local and state governments and explore ways to become more involved in helping your community.  
  • Bake cookies for a nearby nursing home. You might even find an older friend to visit once and a while. When we serve others, we serve God, The Universe, and Nature. 
  • Maybe it’s time to give a few things away. If you have excess furniture and other useful items, call local donation centers or leave some of the most expensive items on the street. 
  • Life moves so quickly and sometimes we forget some of our most delicious dreams and goals. Is it time to launch that project, start that blog, or write that book? 

One of the most important skills we can develop in this life is to find pathways to positivity, even when we’re entrenched in sadness, anger, or darkness. When we allow our minds to perseverate and obsess over bad experiences, we build mental muscles that will only lead to our unhappiness. When we find ways to trigger ourselves out of these bad habits, we recondition our minds. With clear minds and hearts, we can move more efficiently and happily through our lives and achieve rebirth. If we’re committed to these types of processes, we can also become completely, 100%, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually FREE.

If you need further guidance towards rebirth, I’d love to speak with you about your journey through my coaching services.



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