Transformation Rituals and Ceremonies

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Seek Transformation Through Prayerful Ritual and Ceremony

When we create the space and time to connect with the deepest parts of ourselves, we honor the ancient’s teachings and most enduring tribal traditions found on every continent on Earth. By committing to this deepening, we awaken our cores and establish trajectories leading to healing and transformation. To begin, we need only glance in the direction of our divine natures. In this article, you will know about the prayerful ritual.

With heart-centered intention and thoughtful action, we can clear the dust that clouds our souls’ perceptions and connectivity. Regardless of how lost or confused, we believe ourselves to be, in every moment there exists the potential for clarity. While it might feel daunting, even impossible, you have the power to reconnect with your deepest Self and the eternal consciousness. In the process of seeking our soul’s illumination, we improve our perceptions, vibrations, and the ability to feel nurtured by our realities.

When we seek divine clarity, we find many gifts:

  • Answers to our deepest questions
  • Changes in our perceptions
  • Changes in dynamics
  • Awakened potentialities
  • The ability to forgive and truly let-go
  • Improved awareness of our talents, attributes and personal magic
  • Lessened projection, fewer expectations, and more acceptance
  • Reduction in our attachments to self-limiting societal and religious constructs
  • Less desire to delude ourselves
  • Deepened humility
  • Increased connectivity and joy
  • Expanded abilities around creating and sustaining empowered lives

Schedule a ritual training session with Paul: HERE

This powerful, intimate experience involves a beautiful, life-changing ritual,

book-ended by two profound and intuitive sessions with Paul.

Paul’s Experience with Transformation Rituals

Seven Arrows, Changing the Book of Life, Vision Quest, Sweat Lodge, and Medicine Wheel are ancient rituals that lead to connection and liberation. Paul spent many years learning Native American rituals under the guidance of Lakota elders and shamans. Traveling throughout India and China, seated at the feet of enlightened masters, Paul learned the ceremonies and traditions that our ancient elders created to help us heal and awaken.

Open your heart and heal through ritual. You’ll LOVE it.

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