The Field Guide to Human Personalities: Ebook


A Rich Experience Taking Your Deep Into The Heart Of All Personalities – The Temporary Selves We Believe We Are

This lengthy and intense ebook is an eye-opener! Explore humanity’s expansive tapestry of personas and identities with The Field Guide to Human Personalities (eBook) .

Dive into how each persona interacts with others – and how we can heal and improve upon each of the personas we utilize to engage the world.

This insightful and comprehensive eBook will help you gain a deeper understanding of yourself and those around you.

It will help see yourself clearly – and awaken you to the more divine attributes that can consider incorporating into your relationships, daily routine, and life.

You might consider The Personality Cards, as the oracle companion to this field guide.

You’ll love the experience of divine deeply into who you are – and who you are not.


The Field Guide to Human Personalities: Soft Cover


Get the Soft-Covered Edition of The Field Guide to Human Personalities Enjoy the tactile experience of exploring human personalities with this beautifully illustrated soft-covered book.

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