Unleash Your Heart Into The Wild – At Waffle House

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Unleash Your Heart Into The Wild – At Waffle House

Venture not into the heart of a Waffle House, and you forsake the raw, uncut essence of humanity itself. My spirit, ablaze with a ferocious love for every soul I encounter within its walls, undergoes a rebirth every time I walk through those double-glass doors. Here, my heart doesn’t just open – it detonates, reborn into the crucible of pure, unadulterated existence.

I fucking LOVE Waffle House and every person in it.

This sanctuary of eggs and dreams is a prism, refracting the human spirit in a spectrum so vivid, it cuts to the core of what it means to be viscerally, messily, even crazily human. 

You’re thrust into the bursting, boiling cauldron of raw, chaotic existence, where shadows and light dance in the most intoxicating embrace. Escape is futile, but then, why would you ever wish to flee from such a feast for the soul?

For those who’ve danced with their own shadows, traversed the infernos of personal hell – you know what I’m talking about. This isn’t about the gloss and veneer of Being or sweetness; it’s about becoming the raw nerve of truth, quivering with the electric, unpredictable dance of life.

Amidst the quiet lulls, more often than not, Waffle House is a tempest of raw humanity – unfiltered, untamed, unnerving, and unsettling. And yet, therein lies its staggering beauty. A cacophony of life in its myriad forms: shouts of ire – “I need my damn fucking coffee,”  the haunted eyes of those battling their demons, the veneer of troubled politicians, the laughter of families, and the solitary souls seeking refuge in the embrace of caffeine, served with unassuming grace in mugs born in the 50s.

Even the menu, with its poetic ode to hashbrowns – smothered, covered, chunked, and more—mirrors the tumultuous journey of our hearts in search of solace, mirroring the scars we bear from our loves lost and battles fought.

This isn’t the musings of a spiritual neophyte – a newbie influencer who memorized the soundtracks from Glee. This is the battlefield of existence and I’m a spiritual warrior. No matter how enlightened we fancy ourselves, we are all conscripts, even pawns, in this harsh war of life.

Amidst this theater of the soul stands the valiant, the unyielding waitstaff – warriors of empathy, serving not just meals but moments of raw truth, echoing the no-nonsense therapy of the ancient sages, demanding we confront our truths without pretense or excuse. It doesn’t need to be pretty to produce liberation.

Feast upon the offerings of Waffle House, and you court the divine madness of life itself – each bite a delicious defiance against the mundane, in opposition to your health – a testament to the sublime but delicious chaos of existence.

Here, in the undercurrent of overheard conversations, lies the unvarnished truth of our journeys. We are reminded of the folly of our insulated spiritual quests, our convoluted philosophies that distance us from the visceral tapestry of real, unadulterated life.

“I got off the streets, where’s my free meal?”

“I love you but I can’t stay in this relationship.”

“I’ll be at the office soon – on an errand.”

“Where the FUCK is my coffee!”

We are called not to the superficiality of pretense but to the profound depths of authentic existence – where raw emotion and spiritual truth coalesce into the alchemy of true transformation.

~ Dare to live out loud, to scream your truth into the void.

~ Let tears be your testament in the most unexpected of places.

~ Embrace the liberation of chaos, if it means the purging of your soul’s anguish.

~ Be raw, wild, and free amid whatever fantasy thrills you.

This, the essence of true release, of letting go of the accumulated disease of a life half-lived, is where healing begins.

In the sacred space of a Waffle House, amidst the second cups of rule-defying, heart-abusing coffee, revelations unfold. The farce of modern spirituality is laid bare, revealing the path to authentic Self-discovery and a hurricane-styled liberation from the shackles of societal expectation and personal illusion. You are not your false Self – that person you pretend to be, after all.

We are at once oppressed and the oppressors of our own essence, caught in the webs of transient identities and expectations. Yet, here, in the crucible of the real, we are offered the keys to our own chains.

~ You owe no allegiance but to the truth of your own spirit.

~ Break free, and in doing so, become the lighthouse for others lost in the fog of existence.

~ Embrace the unrelenting, untamed, and unreasonable heart of your Being, and in its unbridled expression, find the path to true freedom.

The journey is not one of conformity to the illusory safe harbors of reality, damn it. It’s a voyage into the tempestuous seas of your own spirit’s journey, guided by the stars of your deepest truths – and the truths you have avoided for lifetimes..

Masters of the Spirit – of the eternal – have always known this: The path to enlightenment is not in the stifling of desire, but in its understanding, its expression, and ultimately, its transcendence.

So, let the cat not just out of the bag – but thrust it into the wild, where it can breathe, live, and teach us the meaning of freedom.

In the end, those ensnared in the seductive but shallow allure of faux spirituality, who have lost themselves in the maze of their own Instagram contrivances, serve as beacons – not of enlightenment, but of warning: The path is not pretty or purple. And mermaids and angels are nothing when compared to a raging, addicted man-bitch in heels at 6am at Waffle House.

~ Rise above.

~ Forgive, not just others, but yourself. 

~ It’s time to step into the boundless realm of your raw, free Self and embrace your true potential.

You are not a mere participant in the cosmic dance, my friend – you are its choreographer, born of the wild, untamable essence of The Universe, eternally beloved, limitless in every conceivable way.

Drink that third cup of coffee and devour those last bites of your smothered browns. The day has just begun! YOU GOT THIS.

Oh, and…

In this journey of self-liberation, rituals like Changing The Book Of Life and The Seven Arrows Ritual can be your guideposts, and for those seeking divine insight, The Shankara Oracle awaits to illuminate your path.

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